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Failed Marriage – Season 1 – Episode 3

Episode three

Her body jumped at first, as if it weren’t something she expected, but as I continued she relaxed.

I lingered on her ass, slowly sliding my tongue back and forth along her crack. I could feel her body begin to tense and tighten in anticipation. Every time she did I would slow down and stop, and fondle her hips with my hands, or lightly kiss the cheeks of her ass.

The room was silent and mostly dark. The only light was from the city beyond streaming through the windows. She never looked back and never said a word as I continued to lick, fondle, and kiss her ass. I could sense her body craving more. It excited me to see the way she reacted, twisting, and turning her body coaxing me to go deeper. I resisted her pleas until she was at a fever pitch, until finally I placed one hand on each side of her ass and slowly spread her cheeks apart.

As I buried my tongue into her ass her whole body jumped. She quivered with excitement, lunging forward and then back to meet my tongue. She let out a cry I’d never heard her make before. It was quite a surprise to hear her react that way.

Immediately I stopped and pulled away, teasing her by just lightly running my tongue along her crack. Then suddenly I buried my tongue between her cheeks once again as she squealed and jumped at the sensation. I spent the next twenty minutes slowly and seductively licking her followed by quick bursts of burying my tongue in her ass. The sounds she made and the way she reacted excited me to no end. After twenty minutes she collapsed on the bed exhausted and that was it.

We didn’t have sex, we didn’t do anything else, or at least she didn’t. As I sat on the bed next to her in the dark with my cock throbbing, I thought about what it must be like for her sometimes, when we have sex and I’m not able to satisfy her, only for her to be left wanting. It suddenly dawned on me how difficult that must be, to get so turned on and worked up, only for it to end with no real resolution.

For me, it wasn’t something I could take. Fifteen minutes after it all ended my cock was still hard and aching. I sat up in bed looking out the window into the city beyond. My wife lay next to me, sleeping soundly, silent, and satiated. It felt odd when I unzipped my pants with my wife less than three feet away. I watched her as I took out my cock and began to stroke it. I thought back to seeing her walk across the room at the party, watching men stare at her as she went. I thought back to the sounds she made less than an hour before as I licked her ass.

I felt extremely self-conscious as I stroked myself. What if she woke up and caught me? What would she think? The thought of being caught overwhelmed me with embarrassment, but still, I couldn’t stop. I tried to be quiet but the intensity of the night, of being denied for so long was irrepressible. I’m not sure I was aware of it in the moment as I felt the orgasm build, but before long I began to whimper. As soon as I realized it, I tried to control myself but by then it was too late. I gasped out loud as the orgasm came and I felt the cum climb up my shaft and spray from my cock. Spurt after spurt of hot sticky cum flew everywhere, covering my shirt and my pants. The feeling of the orgasm was intense. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had such a release.

As I lay there in the dark panting, trying to catch my breath and recover, I looked over at my wife. I couldn’t tell for sure, but it seemed to me there was the slightest of grins pursed across her lips.

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