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Esohe’s Fantasy – Season 1 – Episode 6 [Completed]

Esohe wasn’t sure how long she had lain there, or where Ini had gone. She knew she had been alone for awhile, but hadn’t moved. However, as she slowly recovered from one of the most incredible orgasms she could remember, she felt her p*ssy tingling. ‘Damn I’m a horny bitch’ she thought. She became aware of a rustling sound and raised her head. Ini was standing by the bed. Her tall, lean, muscular body loomed over her. Esohe’s eyes widened as she noticed Ini had slipped on a harness with a life like phallus dangling from it. She stroked it, spreading lube over its full length. Meeting Esohe’s gaze, she smiled and said, “I’m going to f*ck you now, I know you like d*ck.”
“Ohhhh,” was Esohe’s only reply, words having fled her lips as Ini spread her thighs wide and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Ini positioned herself carefully, then slowly ran the bulbous head of the dildo along the length of Esohe’s slippery slit. Esohe’s body quivered at the touch.
“Ahhh, you like that…” Ini said as she worked the head of the dildo into Esohe’s slick p*ssy. As it disappeared past the swollen outer lips, Ini flexed powerfully, the thrust forward driving its full length into Esohe’s hot core. Esohe gasped as she felt it deep inside her, then Ini’s tongue quickly invaded her mouth stifling the sound.
Leaving the phallus buried deep, Ini paused, taking time to suck on Esohe’s full n*pples, red and swollen from the start of their foreplay. Then she slowly began grinding her hips as she sucked, the lifelike cock working slowly up and down Esohe’s contracting p*ssy. Esohe lay back, staring up at Ini as she whispered, “You do me so good, make me cum so hard…”
Ini smiled at her and toyed with Esohe, teasing and taunting, f*cking her hard for a brief moment then slowing, bringing her to the brink then backing off. She turned her over, tongued Esohe’s sensitive asshole, then slid a finger in, as she worked Esohe’s clit with her other hand. Esohe writhed and shivered, her body was covered with sweat, her breasts swayed beneath her. She could feel the air on her sensitive n!pples, easily twice their normal size from Ini sucking, pulling, and pinching.
“Do you want me to f*ck you in the ass?” Ini asked. Esohe barely nodded. Ini grabbed her hair and pulled her head back gently. “Tell me you want it,” she commanded.
“Oh yes, in the ass, yes,” Esohe blurted. Ini slid her finger out, then carefully poured lube in the crack of Esohe’s ass. Soon she had fingers from both hands deep inside Esohe’s hole, stretching it open, getting her ready.
“Good…now I want you to work on your clit while I f*ck you,” Ini instructed as she pushed the head of the dildo against the soft tissue of Esohe’s anus. Esohe lifted her hand to her p*ssy and began stroking herself, knowing she couldn’t take much more stimulation, yet wanting that incredible feeling of her ass being stretched and invaded as an orgasm overtook her. Ini pushed the cock in then began thrusting, driving the long shaft of the phallus deep into Esohe’s willing ass.
Ini began increasing the intensity, the cock moving in and out, while she took the back of Esohe’s hair and began pulling her back toward her. Esohe was immersed in the moment, her own stroking, her nearing the edge, and the pounding she was taking in her ass. Ini pulled Esohe up to her knees, her back arched, her aching tits and sensitive n!pples thrust forward. With one hand, Ini took each n!pple in turn, rolling, twisting, and tugging as Esohe’s moans became louder and more frantic.
Ini hissed in Esohe’s ear, “Look forward…that’s it…in the mirror…what do you see? Yes, that’s you, getting f*cked in the ass…and loving it.” Esohe raised her eyes and as she did, she succumbed to the sensation, her body giving in to an incredible spasm of pleasure. Her juices spurted from her as she cried out. Ini thrust deeper and harder, as if holding Esohe in a state of perpetual orgasm.
Esohe’s body tensed and shook until finally she collapsed forward, totally drained. Ini moved in behind her, holding her as they spooned together, lightly kissing the back of her neck. Completely exhausted, yet incredibly satisfied, Esohe drifted off to sleep in Ini’s arms.
Voices awakened Esohe. They were faint at first but then she realized it was Tokunbo, talking to Ini. Her heart jumped to her throat, ‘Oh no, no, no’ she thought. A sense of panic, of guilt, went through her mind. She rolled over to face them. “Tokunbo,” she said weakly.
Tokunbo and Ini looked over to her. “Sleeping beauty awakes,” Tokunbo said cheerfully. Esohe gave him a weak smile.
“I’m sorry,” she said.
Tokunbo looked at her. “No need for sorry. Ini said you enjoyed being with her, as I knew you would.”
“But how?” Esohe was perplexed.
Ini sat on the edge of the bed. “Esohe, you are a very lucky woman. You have a husband that looks after you, knows what you want…what you need.”
Esohe looked at Tokunbo. “You arranged this?” she asked. Tokunbo smiled at her.
“I love you,” he said softly.

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