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Esohe’s Fantasy – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 6]



Esohe’s hands skimmed over her smooth skin, following the gentle curves and contours of her body. She shivered as she touched her inner thighs, moving them apart under the covers, then sliding one hand up to her shaven p*ssy. As she began stroking her clit, feeling the sensation of pleasure, she thought, ”Damn, I wasn’t going to do this’‘. Tokunbo, her husband, had left for work and she was alone, to entice herself with vivid s*xual fantasies. Not that the s*x life she shared with Tokunbo was in any way boring, quite the contrary, they had a great s*x life. But Esohe had always secretly wanted a female lover, a desire she repressed, restricting it to sessions of masturbation.
She loved the feeling of stroking her clit, especially since she started shaving the area which she found heightened the sensation. Oral s*x had never been better, Tokunbo had always been attentive and patient, but it now seemed easier for his tongue to find all the right places. Esohe’s mind wandered, blurring reality into fantasy, where her deepest desire could be fulfilled.
Esohe moaned softly as she felt the warmth of an imaginary woman’s soft tongue lap over her clit. Her dream lover knew the right pressure, the right intensity. She shook her head, giving in to that feeling, so wonderful, being driven by the attention of her skillful companion. Lifting her head slightly she saw piercing eyes staring at her, the long slender tongue probing and flicking relentlessly. She arched her back and cried out as an intense climax engulfed her. Her p*ssy contracted, one massive spasm, driving a stream of hot juices onto the sheets beneath her. She withdrew her hand, her clit becoming too sensitive to the stimulation.
As her eyes began to focus, her level of consciousness returning, Esohe lay motionless, the quiet and stillness of the June morning only then apparent to her. ”Would she ever act upon her fantasy if given a chance?” She dismissed the thought, yet smiled as she pulled the covers over her and drifted off to sleep.
Esohe was an attractive woman, physically fit. She loved sports, playing competitive tennis, as well as being an accomplished volleyball player. Her friends considered her both competitive and tenacious yet with a thoroughly engaging personality which made her fun to be with. She and Tokunbo had joined Ikoyi club, and they both used the facilities regularly. Tokunbo had recently hired a personal trainer, and they had spoken about it over Sunday lunch at home.
“So you REALLY think those sessions with the trainer will give you the edge on the golf course?” Esohe asked jokingly.
“Sure, not to mention around the pool…buns of steel.” Tokunbo replied, grinning.
“Hmmmm…just so long as they remain my buns of steel,” Esohe chided. “Who is the trainer?”
“New woman…Ini, quite sharp, knows her stuff.”
“Well yes, very. She’s confident, somewhat aggressively flirtatious, and physically fit. Hard to beat that combination.” Tokunbo laughed.
“Uh huh.”
“You should consider meeting with her, for a consultation…not that you will need any help with the way YOU will look around the pool!” Tokunbo smiled at her.
“I’ll think about it,” Esohe replied as she stood up from the table and moved closer to him. She lightly tugged on the tie of her robe. With a subtle shrug, the robe fell to the floor. Tokunbo’s eyes luxuriated in the beauty before them. “Flattery…will get you everywhere,” she whispered in his ear as she guided his lips to her breast.

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