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Enslaved Secretary (21+) – Episode 9

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

“You’re with them in this thing!” Sharon gasped, suddenly realizing the truth. It stunned her that the trap she had first walked into that afternoon had suddenly become a hundred times more effective.

“Yeah,” he laughed in confirmation. “And for you that’s tough titty, like they always say.”

Sharon tried to bolt. She couldn’t go out of the front of the chair since he had moved in closer, so she tried to tumble over the arm. He caught her by the bottom of her short and jerked her roughly back into the chair. She landed face-down across the chair as her body twisted, and Frank swept one of her arms expertly up behind her back. Hard, cold metal bit into the flesh of her wrist and a loud click echoed in the room, then he pulled her other arm back. The second wrist was captured quickly and painfully in the other ring of the handcuffs as her hands were locked behind her waist. Sharon struggled, trying to wiggle away as she kicked back with her feet.

“Add resisting arrest and striking police officer to your list of charges!” Frank shouted, then struck the back of her head with the heel of his hand.

Sharon’s brain exploded in confused pain, and she was so dazed that she collapsed weakly across the arms of the chair.

“Help me!” Sharon cried, then shrieked as her hands were forced up between her shoulders.

“Scream all you want to, cunt,” Frank said. “I’m the police. I’m all the help you’re going to get!”

“Nooo!” Sharon groaned as the short was ripped from her butt0ckz.

The material came away in shreds, leaving her butt0ckz and cunt completely bare. Large hands roughly shoved up to her armpits. Then the hands jerked on the front of her hips, pulling her back until her feet hit the floor and her head crashed down onto the cushion of the chair. Her mouth bit at the material as tears of fright and humiliation poured from her eyes.

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“Jeez, you do have a pretty butt0ckz,” Frank said as one of his hands rubbed over the skin or her hips. “Alex told me that the Goddamn thing was beautiful enough to F**K.”

Sharon heard the jaws of a trap slam closed in her mind. A whole collection of rapists had moved in on her — her office manager, her boss, and now a policeman. The sanctuary that she had thought her home offered had turned out to be nothing but a dream. There was no place she could run away to and hide from the terrible, lusty scene.

A thick, rough finger rammed into her dry p**syhole. It pulled painfully at the tender flesh as it F***ed in. Sharon’s cunt latched down onto the finger and sq££zed it as her muscles tightened to force it out.

“That is a tiny [email protected]!” Frank gasped. “And Alex says your mouth’s hot and tight! That means that asshole of yours must be a real cockwringer!”

Sharon jerked from the terrible spearing of her cunthole, and her wrists were cut by the edge of the cuffs. Frank kicked the insides of her heels, splaying her legs open even more. Then he pulled his finger out of her [email protected] and pushed down on the upper part of her back. The young secretary was pinned over the arm of the chair, her Unclad butt0ckz perched high. In such an unnatural position, she couldn’t even try to wiggle away.

“We better get that fu-Ckhole loosened up and some p**syjuice flowing,” the sadistic policeman said. “I’ll need that cuntcream later for my J0yst!ck!”

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Sharon heard the sound of wood on leather and trembled about what it might mean. She didn’t have to wait too long to find out as the end of Frank’s thick baton bumped into the slit of her cunt. He moved it all up and down her p**syslit, then centered it on the mouth of her cunt.

Sharon began screaming even before he shoved the thick wooden shaft in, since she knew what it would do. With her cunthole dry and the inner walls collapsed, the club ripped her flesh as it F***ed in.

“Aaeeiii!” she screamed as the shaft of wood F***ed into her [email protected] It felt like the flesh of her cuntlips and her cl!t were being pulled in with the club. It wasn’t until almost four inches of the shaft were buried inside her that the friction gave way and stopped the tearing pain. Then the end of the stick F***ed clear to the end of her cunthole, slamming against her bruised flesh.

“Noo!” Sharon groaned as pain spread through her guts. The bruised flesh at the end of her p**syhole was obscenely tender to the touch. And the touch was really a battering ram as Frank swirled the stick around in her tight cunt. But the action did begin to churn up some p**syjuice.

“That’s better!” the policeman shouted as he stared down at the stick disappearing into the young woman’s cunt.

?He loved to watch the symbol of his power rape a tight [email protected] The stick was the next best thing to his prick in showing some little bitch who was boss.

“You are a wh0r£, aren’t you!” Frank hissed as Sharon’s p**syjuices began to flow.

“No!” Sharon cried. “It hurts! I don’t like it!”

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