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Enslaved Secretary (21+) – Episode 7

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

Tears came to the eyes of the tormented secretary, but she pulled her tongue out of chika’s cunthole as she had been told. Its tip glided back and forth in the wet [email protected], bumping each time into chika’s long, trembling cl!t. Sharon’s own little cl!t was just a bump hiding at the top of her p**syslit. But the half-caste’s was more than half as long as Sharon’s little finger and jutted from the folds at the top of her cunt. It trembled each time Sharon’s tongue bumped against its shaft.

“sU-Ck my cl!t!” she hissed. “Or I’ll smother you with [email protected] again, and this time I won’t get up!”

Sharon groaned and opened her lips. Her tongue pulled back into her mouth and she tilted her face farther up. The shaft of chika’s cl!t ran over her top lip and poked into her mouth. It was long enough to reach the tongue inside as Sharon closed her lips.

“Eat it, cunt-licker!” she screamed. “CocksU-Ck my cl!t!”

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Alex smiled triumphantly as his office manager leaned over the girl’s head and caught her weight with her hands. The new position allowed Alex to look past chika’s butt0ckz-crease and down to the face of the [email protected] secretary. He could see Sharon’s delicious lips sU-Cking chika’s distended cl!t just like it was a small, hard prick. Soon — very soon — he’d F**K that beautiful face for himself, but for now he’d settle for cunt.

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Sharon’s tight [email protected] was squeezing down hard on Alex’s massive prick, coaxing Pour up from his balls. He glanced down to see her stretched p**symouth sU-Cking at his prick as he F***ed it into the cunthole beyond. The whole rape scene was turning out even better than he had hoped, and a new secretarial s*x slave was being born. He had wild, lewd plans for Sharon’s young [email protected]

Alex’s J0yst!ck was swelling and becoming even more fueled up with an approaching Pour as he watched chika feed the secretary a face full of cunt.


?Hot p**syjuices splashed out onto Sharon’s chin, and she could feel them rim down onto both sides of her neck. She felt bathed by the musky fluid, and more of it was continuing to pour out. chika was humping her hips now, fu-Cking Sharon’s mouth with her cl!t. Sharon closed her lips tightly around the shaft of the cl!t and allowed her lips to be F***ed.

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“You’re a [email protected]! Cunt-licker! fu-Cking l£sb!an wh0r£!” the office manager screamed at the tortured secretary as a series of cums began flashing through chika’s guts. Her p**syjuices turned even hotter as they streamed out onto Sharon’s face.

Sharon could feel the hammering prick in her cunt wall. It bulged obscenely. Then, with a loud shout, Alex was pumping sticky Pour into her p**syhole again, and Sharon could feel its hot splash at the end of her cunt. Above her, Chika’s whole body trembled as her cl!t F***ed again and again into Sharon’s mouth. Her two superiors were flooding the young secretary’s body with cream as Pour blasted through their guts.

Sharon tried desperately to hang on through the terrible raping experience, clinging desperately to the thought of a chance to get away. As p**syjuices bathed her face and man Pour blasted into her cunthole, her mind was filled with seductive thoughts of the safety of her home.

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