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Enslaved Secretary (21+) – Episode 6

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

Nooo!” the young, tormented woman groaned. Never had she seen such a thing. She didn’t think it right for a woman to even think about [email protected], much less look right up into one that was beginning to descend toward her face. But her terror was so strong, and her shock so complete, that she couldn’t have closed her eyes if she had tried. When something is threatening your very existence and everything you believe, it’s impossible to look away from its approach.

The front of Chika’s body was toward Sharon’s face as the woman bent to bring her cunt to the secretary’s mouth. The spread of her knees opened up her crotch and the crack of her butt0ckz, and both grew wider as they descended. Chika’s cunt mound bulged out, and it was completely visible because of the lack of hair. The pouting outer lips of her [email protected] parted, revealing looser, more tender inner folds that flowered wider and wider, as her cunt approached Sharon’s face.

Sharon looked into the older woman’s fu-Ckpit, and the sight of it caused her to gasp. Just an inch or so away from the bottom of the p**syslit was the puckered brown bud of a shithole. The skin around it was wrinkled, the folds all pointing inward as if drawing a bull’s-eye to the closed mouth of Chika’s butt0ckz. The sight of chika’s cunt and asshole was just too much to be believed, and Sharon groaned in desperation as chika’s [email protected] covered her face.

“Eeek!” Sharon squealed when the lips of chika’s [email protected] touched her mouth. There was heat and slippery moisture coming from the cunt that sent needles of ice running clear through Sharon’s body. Terrified at what was happening, she clamped her mouth shut as Chika’s [email protected] began to rub on her face.

“The bitch thinks she can resist!” CHika snarled. “Let’s teach her that she had better give in! You hurt her with your J0yst!ck while I smother her with cunt!”

Sharon’s upstretchcd legs were spread, open big her [email protected] completely to Alex’s prick. Her cunt was totally vulnerable to the hard J0yst!ck of her boss as he began fu-Cking his hard J0yst!ck into her with all of his strength. His swollen cockhead battered against the deep end of her [email protected], rubbing her tender flesh.

Since his prick was longer than her F**K channel, he could hit the closed mouth of her womb with all of his power, and the velvety meat inside her [email protected] was deeply bruised from being savagely hammered by prick. Her entire abdomen was gripped with intense agony from the deep, raping F**K.

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At the same time, chika’s cunt was smearing [email protected] juice all over the bottom of her face. The top of the gash moved up and hooked against the underside of her nose, then the fluttering mouth of the p**syhole was mashed down onto her mouth. Suddenly, all of chika’s weight came straight down, driving the back of Sharon’s head firmly against the top of the desk.

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The terrified secretary tried to gasp, but found that there wasn’t any air. When she tried to breathe in through her nose, p**symeat was sU-Cked into her nostrils. And when her lips opened to gasp air into her mouth, chika’s cunthole was mashed down to form a suction. Sharon was pinned to her back, completely trapped, without a trickle of breath.

“Mmmmph!” Sharon m0aned. chika’s [email protected] was choking her to death!

“You better open up and get that tongue to work!” Chika shouted down to the tortured secretary. “You may end up being a [email protected] but at least you’ll be alive!”

The argument was a strong one and grew even more logical as Sharon’s lungs began to shriek for air. Her eyes were bulging, looking up the front of the office manager’s Unclad form at the underside of her quivering, hard-nippled tits. The sight of a woman’s body seeming to grow right out of her own face shocked Sharon, but the pain in her chest from the lack of breath was even more threatening. In panic, her lips parted and she shoved her tongue out of her mouth and into the cunthole that was smashed against her face

“Yes!” Chika exclaimed triumphantly as she felt the young woman’s tongue ram up her [email protected] “Alex, the young bitch is eating cunt!”

The man roared in laughter and slammed his J0yst!ck brutally into Sharon’s [email protected] one final time. The ache in her guts was causing her abdomen to cramp, but now, with her tongue far up Chika’s [email protected], her boss was beginning to back off. The next stroke was still firm, but certainly less violent as he began to F**K her cunt much more slowly.

Sharon sU-Cked air into her tortured lungs when Chika’s [email protected] lifted from her lips and nose. It rose only a fraction of an inch from her face, but it was enough for her to gasp air. The heady smell of [email protected] swept through her nose to her chest, and the air was so full of the odor of cuntjuice that it felt like it was wet. But the gasping breaths calmed the fire in Sharon’s lungs and some of her extreme panic began to die. It was then that she realized that her tongue was still far up the office manger’s cunthole, but she knew better than to take it out.

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“Tongue-F**K me!” chika hissed. “Piston your tongue back and forth in my [email protected]! Swirl your face around on my cunthole and eat my leaking cream!”

Sharon strained and did as she was told. She was too frightened to resist. chika had already shown that she was willing to smother the secretary with cunt unless her [email protected] was tonguefu-Cked and licked.

The hot, wet flesh that Sharon stroked with her tongue was like warm, slippery velvet. Its heat flowed clear down into the secretary’s mouth in the form of p**syjuices. The juices collected in the back of Sharon’s mouth until she was afraid that she was going to choke. Desperately, she gulped and swallowed them down, feeling their heat, spread clear to her stomach.

Sharon found that the taste of [email protected] wasn’t nearly as bad as she had feared. There was a sweetness to it, and she had no trouble swallowing it down her throat. Even the smell of cunt that was filling her nose didn’t seem bad at all. Sharon quickly learned that the offensive nature of eating [email protected] had been almost totally in her mind.

She pistoned her tongue, gliding it in and out of chika’s slippery cunthole, and continued to gulp down the juices. Her tongue reached so far up the woman’s [email protected] that her throat began to ache. Sharon swirled her tongue, licking around the walls of the tight fu-Ckhole she was eating, and felt chika’s body begin to tense and shake.

“This bitch eats cunt like a pro!” chika hissed. “It’s like she’s been starving for it all of her life!”

A lightning bolt of shame ripped through Sharon’s guts. Her mind was snapped back to what was going on. For a minute she had drifted off as she got involved in licking and tonguefu-Cking cunt. The smell and taste of [email protected] was almost like an addictive drug, calming her mind and urging her on. But the office manager’s words had stunned Sharon with the total depravity of what she was being forced to do. It made her feel like a wh0r£. But there was nothing she could do but keep eating [email protected] to keep herself from being smothered to death.

“Now, bitch!” chika snarled. “Lick down my gash! Get my cl!t in your lips and sU-Ck it like a J0yst!ck!”

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