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Enslaved Secretary (21+) – Episode 5

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

Alex reached down as far as he could and across the front of his calves to latch his left hand onto Sharon’s right leg below the knee, then he stood up and quickly yanked. As her body twisted, Alex’s right arm reached across and grabbed her left leg as it flew up. In a motion that was wild and confusing to the young woman, she was jerked around on the top or the desk, and she landed firmly on her back. Alex had, twisted her onto her back without taking his J0yst!ck from her cunt.

“Umph!” she grunted when she slammed down onto her back. Her tits racked and quivered violently on her Unclad chest. She glanced up to see tall, broad-shouldered Alex Odaju standing between her legs, then her eyes drifted down to her crotch. His thick rod of fu-Ckmeat disappeared into her body, fu-Cking her cunthole full of prick.

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She heard the rustle of clothing falling to the floor. Chika Amanna was somewhere out of sight, stripping out of her clothes. With a sweep of his hand, Alex knocked the letter tray from his desk then lifted up on Sharon’s legs. Still impaled by the throbbing prick, the frightened young secretary was turned on the desk until her body lay down its greater length. As soon as she was turned, Sharon rolled her head to see where the office manager had gone.

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“Oh!” the abused woman yelped when she saw Chika. The office manager was completely Unclad and moving toward the desk.

Chika was a tall woman, and her shoulders and chest were broader than would be expected on a woman’s body. Her hair was cropped severely like a man’s. Her eyes were as hard and cold as steel, and her features were strong but sharply cleaved, her complexion was so light that she could be mistaken for a white woman. This was not surprising as Sharon had heard that Miss Amanna’s mother was Russian and she had spent the earlier years of her lip in Europe. She was a sadistic bitch with thin lips that never appeared to smile. Her teeth glinted as she smiled tightly and looked down at the Unclad secretary pinned to the desk.


?Chika’s tits were smaller than Sharon’s but certainly no less firm, and they seemed to flow naturally out of the muscles of her shoulders and arms. Her stomach was hard, as was the rest of her body, as if she had been lifting weights. But the thing that startled Sharon most of all was that Chika’s [email protected] was completely Unclad of hair. The smooth skin around the cuntslit was as bald as a child’s.

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“You like looking at hairless [email protected]?” the female office manager hissed. “In just a few seconds, I’ll give you a much closer look, and even a chance to lick it with your tongue.”

“No!” Sharon cried. “I can’t do that! It’s wrong! No woman should lick another woman’s cunt!”

“Not unless she gets a chance!” Chika laughed, lifting one knee onto the edge of the desk.

“I’m not a l£sb!an!” Sharon wailed, trying to twist from the awful woman.

“Maybe not,” the office manager said, “but you’re damn sure going to be a cunt-licker by the time that I’m through!”

Panic riveted the young Unclad secretary to the top of the desk. She was no longer aware of the hard J0yst!ck stretching her [email protected] wide. All that was left was the terror of looking up at a hairless cunt as Chika straddled Sharon’s head.

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