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Enslaved Secretary (21+) – Episode 4

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

Sharon was collapsed face-down atop the wide oaken desk. Alex Odaju’s J0yst!ck was still jammed into her [email protected], and it remained as hard as a rock. Even cumming hadn’t knocked the starch out of his raping prick, and Sharon whimpered when she felt the long prickshaft throb inside her cunt.

She had hoped that emptying his balls would have taken the lust out of her sadistic boss, but that wish had turned out to be empty.

“Please take it out!” Sharon groaned, her weight pressing heavily on her b0s0m. She hadn’t realized how [email protected] around her firm b0s0m had been while she was being violently F***ed, but they ached now from the savage mashing they had taken.

“When I’m good and ready,” Alex said, and leaned forward over her Unclad body. The position fevered his prick inside her [email protected], poking it painfully up against her cunt walls.

?Sharon groaned again at the brutal treatment, while Alex pushed a finger onto a small button on his desk. Sharon didn’t know what the button was. She ached from being raped and all that filled her mind was her desire for her boss to back his J0yst!ck out of her cunt and allow her up off the desk.

But Alex’s prick kept her body nailed to the desk.

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Sharon heard the sound of a key clicking in the door. Panic ran through her that someone was coming in and would see what was going on, so she wiggled frantically on the desk, trying to crawl away from Alex’s J0yst!ck. But Alex placed a large hand on the back of her neck, driving her face down, then he buried his J0yst!ck far up her cunt. The two-pronged attack froze the secretary and ended all of her struggles.

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There was the sound of the door opening and closing. Sharon couldn’t see because her cheek was mashed to the desk. Soft footsteps came toward the center of the room, and the frightened young secretary was so embarrassed that she almost pissed down her legs.

“Are all of them gone?” Alex asked.

“I gave them the rest of the afternoon off,” a voice answered. “The little bitches were so excited to get out of here an hour early that they completely forgot, that she was in here.”

It was Chika Amanna, the office manager, and the cool tones of her voice floated through the room. It seemed wrong — terribly wrong — to Sharon for another woman to see her Unclad and raped on the desk, and she almost choked on her humiliation. She was surprised that the office manager hadn’t immediately demanded to know what was going on, but Sharon had little doubt that the rape scene would be over now that it had been discovered.

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“Were her tits as nice as I thought?” Miss Amanna asked. “Hiding under her clothes, they looked like they should be just made to sU-Ck!”

“Even better,” Alex said, lifting his hand from the back of Sharon’s neck. “And her [email protected] is just as tight as you hoped! I don’t know how good it’s going to feel to your tongue, but it’s squeezing the hell out of my prick!”

“Why don’t you slip your J0yst!ck out of there and let me eat your Pour out of her [email protected]?” Chika asked calmly.

Sharon had expected the whole thing to be over now, and instead they were talking about doing even more evil to her body. She couldn’t believe that a woman would actually talk about eating cunt, and it made her stomach grip in panic to hear such lewdness discussed. But when she squirmed to try to get up, Alex hammered her down with his prick.

“Not right now,” he said, looking down at the Unclad body of his secretary. “I think I’ll F**K her some more in the cunt, so why don’t you feed her some of that bald [email protected] of yours instead?”

“Flip her over then, so I can get my cunt in her face,” Chika said. “There’s only one thing better than licking young [email protected], and that’s having young tongue tickling my own!”

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