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Enslaved Secretary (21+) – Episode 30 [Completed]

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

Two cocks were already filling her mouth and cunt, and the s*x-crazed secretary wanted another one buried in her Sh*t hole.

Suddenly, the thick cockhead battering at the mouth of her guts popped through her suffering butt0ckz-ring. Sharon screamed, and the sounds of her agony shot through the room. The pain and lusty satisfaction of having her asshole F***ed combined to drive her nearly out of her mind.
“Oh Sh*t!” the butt0ckz-Bleeping salesman exclaimed. “I don’t think there’s enough Goddamn room in there for my prick!”
“There’s plenty,” the sales manager growled, and held Sharon even tighter. “Get your J0yst!ck into this B***h’s Sh*t hole so it can join mine in tearing up her body!”

“F**K her guts!” the face-Bleeping salesman gasped as he drove his prick hard against Sharon’s tonsils. “Make her feel hard prick in all three of her fu-Ckholes, then we’ll F**K this silly secretary to pieces!”
“Aaaargh!” Sharon screamed around the mouth-stuffing prick when three more inches of the butt0ckz-spearing J0yst!ck F***ed into her shithole.

She could feel the cockhead rub against the thick prick already inside her [email protected] through the thin membrane that separated the channels of her cunt and butt0ckz. Every fu-Ckhole that she had was stretched painfully open.
“Holy Sh*t!” the sales manager gasped.
He could feel every motion of the prick inside her asshole pushing against his J0yst!ck in her cunt. His hips thrust upward, then back down as he began pistoning his hard, thick shaft into Sharon’s obscenely stretched p**syhole, grinding his cockmeat against the pressure of the J0yst!ck Bleeping into Sharon’s butt0ckz.
The face-Bleeping salesman was also becoming excited by watching the young woman’s [email protected] and asshole being F***ed. Sharon’s hot mouth was closed around his thrusting prick, but the man wanted even more. He buried his cockhead against the opening to the s*x slave’s throat, then he wrapped both hands around the back of her head and neck. With a violent shove, he F***ed his J0yst!ck all the way into the secretary’s throat, and his shaft and cockhead gilded deeply into her neck.

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A hard bone battered against Sharon’s nose as she swallowed all of the man’s hard prick. She felt the muscles of her neck give way and make room in her painfully expanded throat. Her air was gone, but she didn’t care, since she was so gloriously filled with prick. With one lusty J0yst!ck buried far down her throat, and a lewdly long prick jamming far up her butt0ckz, it seemed that the two cockheads might eventually meet somewhere in the centre of her body. The thought made Sharon begin to shake and Pour.
?Her [email protected] was stuffed full, much more than would have ever seemed possible. Skin was stretched in her cunt gash and throughout her groin. The [email protected] J0yst!ck was almost as thick as a man’s wrist, and it was savagely Bleeping her cunt. Hot [email protected] juice, fired by her Pour, greased along the J0yst!ck shaft, but nothing could ever make up for the tremendous thickness. It scraped rather than glided as it painfully punished her pleasured [email protected]
And her asshole was on fire. It was the blaze of both pleasure and pain. She was being cornholed while her [email protected] was being F***ed, and her whole lower body felt like one might hole stuffed full of hot, horny prick. The butt0ckz-Bleeping she was suffering added even more to the shocking s£nsat!ons,
turning her orgasm into an explosion like a volcano.

At the same time, hard prick was Bleeping her throat. Inches of the J0yst!ck pulled back, but the cockhead remained buried in the tightness of her throat, then the whole prick rammed back in, adding more fire to her blazing cunt. Sharon was in fiftieth heaven, if there was anything of the sort. Her entire body was on fire and throbbing with pain but there was also a building pleasure that mixed with the pain was all she ever wanted and nothing more.

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She pushed back and forward at the obscene cocks in her asshole and [email protected], wanting more and more of the pain so as to build the pleasure. She was making funny noises with her stuffed mouth as the m0ans of pleasure could not freely come out.

‘’The B***h is really in heat! She can’t have enough of our cocks. This one is a real B***h, made to service cocks and she loves it. Let’s Pour in her together,” the sales manager said, and the three mighty pricks swelled in Sharon’s mouth, cunt, and butt0ckz.

The cockheads expanded everywhere inside her stuffed body, then scalding hot Pour began to flow. Some of it blasted dawn her throat on the way to her stomach. Other explosions of spunk washed over the stretched, deep end of her [email protected], adding more fuel to her blazing Pour. And still more of the sticky Pour rocketed far up into her guts from the J0yst!ck in her asshole to touch off an inferno in her butt0ckz.

The secretarial slave screamed and screamed in pleasure pain, thrashing all over on the table as her thoroughly F***ed body was wracked by series of orgasms she never knew existed. All over her body, cocks were exploding with pleasure, filling all the orifices in her body with life giving spunk and Sharon gave herself over completely to being a s*x slave. She hoped, more than anything in the world that the pleasure both gentle and painful, would never, ever come to an end. Then Sharon passed out while the three pricks thundered, so she never knew when the brutal triple-F**K stopped


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