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Enslaved Secretary (21+) – Episode 3

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

From the back, her cunt looked good enough to eat. The closeness of her inner thighs caused the mounds of the [email protected] to appear enlarged, and splitting the center of the hump was the juicy slit of her cunt. Her butt0ckz crack was tantalizingly parted, just enough to get a glimpse inside, where the tiny bud of her asshole winked out from the shadows.

“Reach back and spread your butt0ckz cheeks,” Alex said, then slapped her hips with his open hand when she didn’t do it fast enough.

?The young secretary yelped in pain at the brutal, stinging blow and her hands moved to her butt0ckz. For a second, she rubbed the prickling skin of her butt0ckz, then she slowly parted the butt0ckz crack. She blubbered, almost choking on her sobs of embarrassment, but her fingers spread her butt0ckz wide. Her butt0ckz-flesh was pulled tight, her asshole puckering outward and her [email protected] lips gaping as a result.

“Aaargh!” Sharon groaned in shame.

The skin of her butt0ckz still burned from the slap of Alex’s hand, and her fingers felt as if they were branding her flesh. She could feel the pressure beneath the fingertips as she pried open her butt0ckz-crease and [email protected], and a wave of total degradation flooded through her body and mind.

Alex laughed, his voice filled with sadism and lust. The little bitch secretary of his had fallen completely for the phony theft lie he and his office manager had staged. She had been so afraid of the publicity and of being locked up in jail that she had given in to his humiliating demands. Now he had the s*xy** cunt right where he wanted her, ready to make her his office s*x slave.

Sharon winced when Alex’s finger prodded into her [email protected] slit. She strained forward, pushing the front of her thighs painfully against the edge of the desk. Her weight shifted forward, pinching her b0s0m against the wood until they ached. But no matter how much she squirmed, she couldn’t get away from the thick finger swirling around in her [email protected] slit and lining up with the mouth of her cunt hole.

She squeaked as the finger shoved into her F**K hole.

“Nooo!” Sharon groaned in shame as the finger began pistoning like a small J0yst!ck. Sharon’s boss was crudely finger-fu-Cking her cunthole while she was forced to lean over his desk.

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“You better get that cunt hole greasy if you know what’s good for you!” Alex snarled, leaning forward in the chair so he could jam his finger far up the trembling woman’s [email protected] When enough juices flowed to make the finger glide in and out, he shoved a second finger inside.

“Don’t hurt me!” Sharon cried as she felt her [email protected] being stretched. The two fingers scissored in her cunt, twitting one way, then the other. The humiliated young secretary felt terribly used and abused, and tears began streaking her cheeks.

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“There’s enough cunt cream now,” Alex said, and suddenly his two thick fingers were ripped from her [email protected] Their retreat came so suddenly that it left her feeling kind of hollow before her cunt walls collapsed back in.

Sharon heard a soft thud behind her somewhere on the floor, and she rolled her head around to see. Alex Hazen was Unclad from the waist down, and a tremendous prick was jutting out from his crotch.

“Oh, God, no!” Sharon cried, and tried to push her Unclad body up from the desk.

But a large hand caught the back of her neck and slammed her face back down against the wood. The desk smacked her right cheekbone as hard as if she had been hit with a fist.

“Don’t do that to me!” she shrieked, clenching her eyes and trying to force her head to clear.

“Shut up, you bitch!” Alex growled at her as he guided his cockhead into her p**syslit. “Don’t give me any Sh*t about being a virgin, because you’re nothing but a slut!”

“I’m not!” the frightened, Unclad secretary gasped. “I’ve only F***ed a few times, and that time hurt! Please don’t F**K your prick into me!”

“Here comes, cunthole,” he snarled sadistically. “Have some big, hard J0yst!ck!”

Three inches of throbbing prick rammed into Sharon’s tiny p**syhole before wedging tight in her virginal cuntgrip. His J0yst!ck tugged sharply at the tender flesh of her cunt walls. “It hurts!” Sharon shrieked. “It’s ripping my [email protected] to pieces! Take it out! Oh, please — take your J0yst!ck out of my cunt!”

Alex laughed. His prick was throbbing and Pour was boiling in his balls. He had a Unclad, s*xy** secretary sprawled over his desk and he was feeding her his long, rigid prick. And even if it split the little bitch’s [email protected] wide open, he was going to F**K all of his J0yst!ck into her guts.

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Alex’s bulging cockhead felt like a small fist in Sharon’s cunthole. Her [email protected] ring sq££zed down tightly on the thick shaft. Slowly, the prick began inching back out of her cunthole, then it F***ed violently inside once again. Another inch of her [email protected] channel was broached as the J0yst!ck-stroke spread p**syjuice in her fu-Ckhole.

?“Aaargh!” Sharon screamed as another couple of inches of prick F***ed in. Her tight cunt walls were shoved brutally out of the way as the cockhead burrowed in. Another few tearing J0yst!ck-strokes wedged even more of Alex’s prick into her cunt. Finally, the cockhead knocked roughly against the end of her [email protected], against the closed doorway of her womb.


“How do you like that, bitch! Just think of every pounding J0yst!ck-stroke as one more day you won’t have to spend in prison!”

He F***ed his hard J0yst!ck into her aching [email protected] Sharon groaned each time the swollen cockhead battered the end of her cunthole. Her [email protected] felt stretched by the terribly thick cockshaft, but her cuntjuiccs had started to flow and were beginning to ease the way. She could hear the horny sloshing sounds of her [email protected] as her boss F***ed her from the rear.

“That’s a tight fu-Cking [email protected]!” Alex Odaju hissed as he F***ed his throbbing J0yst!ck into his secretary’s cunthole. Her [email protected] was squeezing his J0yst!ck harder than a fist. He could feel gripping cunt walls along every inch of his buried prickmeat, and the wet heat of her cunt juices felt like it would scald his skin.

“It hurts!” Sharon m0aned as her cunthole was F***ed. She had never dreamed of a hard J0yst!ck fu-Cking into her [email protected] so hard.

“Hot damn!” Alex gasped. “My balls are about to explode! Get ready bitch! I’m about to fill your cunt with Pour.”

Sharon felt his prick swell even further inside her p**syhole. Then a wetness blasted into the end of her fu-Ckhole. Sticky Pour splattered all over the deep end of her [email protected] as her boss continued to F**K. His cockhead hammered and spat, then beat at her again. Again and again the raping prick shot its sticky juices into the tortured young woman, until her [email protected] leaked Pour down the insides of her legs.

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