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Enslaved Secretary (21+) – Episode 29

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

Get up here and grab the B***h’s ankles and spread her legs wide apart!” he growled at his salesmen, and his Unclad companions scooted around. They latched onto Sharon’s ankles and pried apart her legs.

“Ooooh,” she groaned in pain as her legs were forced into complete splits. The two extremities were almost in a perfect line that reached clear across the table. Her [email protected] was stretched unbelievably tight, and her cunt was spread open so far that she thought her p**syslit would tear.

The sales manager spit into his hands and rubbed the saliva onto the end of his thick prick. Then he pressed the fist-sized cockhead to the mouth of Sharon’s gaping [email protected] and F***ed in with all of his might.

“Aaeeiii!” the tortured secretary screamed as the enormous cockhead was forced brutally into her cunt. Her cunthole just wasn’t big enough to swallow such a thick J0yst!ck in the normal course of Bleeping. The only thing that saved her [email protected] from being torn was its ability to expand until her cunt walls were stretched obscenely thin. When the cockhead reached the deep part of her cunthole, even Sharon’s hipbones were nudged and pushed out of the way.

“Now turn us both over,” the sales manager said as he dropped her legs back down.

Sharon didn’t need to worry about the J0yst!ck slipping out of her cunt, since the prick was wedged into her [email protected] too tightly. Finally, the sales manager was flat on his back and Sharon was perched over his balls while his mighty prick F***ed completely and painfully into her cunt.
“My turn!” the young salesman exclaimed as he rose to his feet and walked around to Sharon’s face. His feet moved to stand on either side of his sales manager’s head as his hard, throbbing prick waved around in front of Sharon’s face. His piss-slit seemed like an evil eye cut into the swollen, purplish cockhead that bounced around in front of her lips, obviously eager to F**K into her mouth.

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Saliva ran thickly in Sharon’s mouth and leaked lustily out from the corners of her lips when she parted them to open the way. Her mouth felt like a [email protected] built into her face as it wetly waited for the large prick to F**K her face.

The salesman pushed her hair out of the way and grabbed onto both of Sharon’s ears, then he pulled them sharply to force her mouth onto his prick. The hot, hard, throbbing flesh of his J0yst!ck pushed in along Sharon’s tongue, and she closed her lips around it to form a tight, [email protected] grip. The cockhead burrowed through the intense oral pressure, ramming clear back to her tonsils, and Sharon gasped from the feeling of prick completely filling her mouth. The taste of pre-Pour was already spreading back across her tongue, making her groan with lust as she gulped some of her spit down her throat past the cockhead wedged tightly against the opening to her gullet.

“And now,” the salesman with the abnormally long prick exclaimed, “it’s time for me to get into the action!”

The salesman in front backed away a step, pulling Sharon along by her ears. At the same time, the sales manager wrapped his arms around her shoulders and pulled her toward his chest. The combined action caused Sharon to lean slightly, shifting her butt0ckz a little higher into the air. She heard the thud of the other salesman going to his knees behind her Unclad, upraised butt0ckz, and she knew what was coming next. Her abdomen gripped in anticipation almost as if she could already feel the long prick stirring around in her guts.

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The tip of the throbbing, hot cockhead touched the puckered mouth of her Sh*t hole. Sharon groaned, knowing how much it would hurt with an enormously thick J0yst!ck already stuffed into her cunt. The whole lower part of her body already seemed completely crammed full of prick. And the third man was about to cockhole another long prick through the tiny mouth of her butt0ckz, forcing even more J0yst!ck into her abused body.

“Hold her tight,” the man with the thin prick said as his hands closed around Sharon’s hips.
The salesman Bleeping her mouth reached forward and braced both hands across the tops of the secretary’s shoulders. The sales manager on the bottom wrapped his arms firmly around her waist. Sharon might as well have been completely bound in chains as the men immobilized her in preparation for the butt0ckz-spearing prick.

?And then the pressure on her asshole started to grow, and Sharon began to whine. The cunt stuffing thick J0yst!ck had already pushed her flesh hard against the mouth of her Sh*t hole, so her asshole had little room to expand in that direction. If the new prick was going to F**K up her butt0ckz, it had to do so by brutally forcing apart the brown bud in spite of the strong pressure, making Sharon’s butt0ckz-ring fight the intrusion even harder, and heightening the already-savage pain.

“Nooooo!” Sharon m0aned desperately. The J0yst!ck’s effort to F**K up her butt0ckz was torturing her with terrible pain, but at the same time, her guts were screaming out to be invaded by prick.

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