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Enslaved Secretary (21+) – Episode 28

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

The ring of muscles at the opening of her p**syhole clung to the shaft when the dildo was pulled out, almost as if her cunthole was trying to sU-Ck the thick phony J0yst!ck. Just how much difference was there in a [email protected] and mouth anyway? She wondered, since both of the holes seemed to be built for wrapping around J0yst!ck. Even her asshole, which before had seemed deceptively small, actually easily adjusted to the Bleeping of a hot, horny prick. Something had snapped in Sharon. The little decency, resistance and morality left in her had finally been eroded by the unending debasement she had been forced to endure. A girl can only take so much before becoming a slave in reality to her passion and the degrading passion of others. Sharon had finally reached that stage and she felt overwhelming love for her captors, her masters. She had finally accepted what her body was made for and that she being a slave to J0yst!ck was the only thing she wanted.

As she F***ed the dildo into her heating [email protected], Sharon realized that although there were other things that it did, her whole body was actually designed to please a J0yst!ck. She groaned as the idea turned her on even more, making her cunt grease the phony prick with its juices.

Slowly, Sharon pulled the thick dildo out of her [email protected] and brought the greasy shaft up toward her face. She looked longingly at the swollen rubber cockhead covered with [email protected] juices, then opened her mouth and slid the phony prick onto her tongue. She tasted cunt, relishing it in her mouth, then she probed her tonsils with the phony cockhead as her lips closed around the shaft. Her tongue licked around the greasy shaft, collecting the delicious p**syjuices, which she swallowed hungrily down.
?And then she F***ed her face, m0an!ng as the phony J0yst!ck nudged her tonsils. She wished she could swallow the whole thing down. But she was unable to force the thick shaft into her throat — that would have taken the strength of a man — and she pulled the false prick out to her lips and licked longingly at the cockhead with the tip of her tongue.

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Her eyes, hazy with lust, drifted toward the men. They had stopped talking when they had heard her m0ans, and were watching the horny young woman. The s*x slave was worshipping the thick phony prick, then she returned it down between her legs. She used her feet to push up on the table, lifting her Unclad butt0ckz, her shithole already greased by juices that had leaked and flawed down from her cunt. The cockhead lined up with the tiny bud of her asshole and, grunting and grimacing, the s*x-crazed secretarial slave F***ed the phony prick into her tight butt0ckz.
“Aaargh!” she groaned. Her [email protected] exploded in a roaring Pour. The pain had added just the right s£nsat!on to push her over the edge. Her lusty eyes were almost frantic now that she was raping her own butt0ckz.

“Sh*t! Look at that!” the sales manager exclaimed. “The Goddamn secretarial Sl*t is in heat!”
“That’s what I call real J0yst!ck-tantalization,” another of the men hissed. His J0yst!ck throbbed stiffly in his pants.
“What are we waiting for?” the third man exclaimed.

They leaped to their feet and immediately stripped out of their clothes, then scrambled up onto the table with the s*x-hungry slave.
Sharon saw them coming and gasped in anticipation. She pulled the thick dildo out of her as she hungrily watched the three cocks waving readily around in front of their bodies. There was a sharp difference in each man’s prick, but she didn’t care about size, shape or heft. She wanted J0yst!ck, regardless of the dimensions, and there were three of the lusty F**K poles within her grasp.
There was only one J0yst!ck that Sharon considered normal. It was thick and about eight inches long, and it was remarkably well proportioned. It was attached to the youngest salesman, who crawled up on Sharon’s right, and the lust-filled s*x slave had to admit that she had never realized the astonishing beauty of a J0yst!ck. Just as her body was designed to be F***ed in every possible way, the J0yst!ck jutting out above the salesman’s balls seemed structured perfectly to do the job. The sight of his throbbing J0yst!ck made her hungry to take the hot shaft in her mouth and ravish it with the worship it deserved.

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Climbing up near her feet was the sales manager, and Sharon glanced at his prick. It wasn’t long, maybe only six inches, but it was the thickest J0yst!ck she’d ever seen. It was so big around that it made the six inches of its length look stubby and squat. Its thickness made her think of the prick of a horse, and her [email protected] began to ache from the anticipation of how it would stretch her cunt.

Three days before, she’d never have considered Bleeping something so thick, but now she knew her [email protected] would probably spread to sU-Ck it in. And even if her cunthole couldn’t do it easily, Sharon knew there would be delicious pain when her [email protected] walls were stretched thin.
The third man’s J0yst!ck was different in another way. It wasn’t quite as thick as a normal prick, but it was unbelievably long. It stretched farther than the length of the secretarial slave’s forearm, forming more than a foot of throbbing prick.

?The short sales manager shrugged his shoulders and became the first to attack the s*x slave with his throbbing prick. He scooted on his knees up between the secretary’s thighs, then lifted her legs up to drape back down across his shoulders. He poked at her juicy cunthole with his enormously thick cockhead, but found that it wasn’t nearly big enough without some sort of extra leverage.

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