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Enslaved Secretary (21+) – Episode 27

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

The next morning, Sharon was back at her desk in the main office, her hands busy on the typewriter and tiny sparks shooting through her [email protected] from the electrified dildo up her cunt. Her Tips were wired back to the punishing console up at the front of the room, but Sharon wasn’t going to take a chance of ever suffering the bite from that. The experience with the current the night before as it tortured both her tits and cunt had been enough to teach the Unclad secretarial s*x slave that she never again wanted to feel her body being shocked.

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Sharon turned out one completed form after another with the typewriter all through the long morning, never letting her fingers stop. Around her, one of the Unclad secretaries would occasionally falter, and then the screams would rip. But Sharon found her groove and stayed in it.
Lunch gave her a short break and allowed her work the cramps out of her hands. The meal was taken in a small cafeteria and the food was exceptionally good. After thirty minutes of respite, the Unclad women were at their typewriters again. When five o’clock came, they were unstrapped and led off to eat once more, then it was on to a large latrine and a welcome shower and piss, then most of them were taken to the barracks. But Sharon was stopped in the hallway before she could reach the room with her bed and told that she was to be taken to a sales meeting.

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“Oh no!” Sharon groaned. “I’m so tired I’m about to collapse! And if I have to suffer the electricity again, I think I’ll shrivel up and die!”
“There’s no electricity,” Tara said, taking Sharon’s upper arm into her hand. The assistant grabbed Sharon’s other arm and the secretary was quickly led back down the hall. “There’s just going to be the sales manager and a couple of his men, and all three of them think strictly with their cocks.”

When Sharon was left Unclad in a closed, small conference with three men, one of them handed her an enormous dildo and told her to crawl up onto the table and F**K the bulky shaft into her cunt. While the men talked business, Sharon lay nakedly on her back in the centre of the table, her knees high and spread, and pistoned the thick phony prick back and forth in the juicy hole of her [email protected]

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?The men’s words meant little to the secretarial s*x slave and, for the most part, neither did Bleeping the thick dildo into her cunthole just a few feet from their faces. Sharon had long ago been pushed down into the deepest depths of shame and humiliation. She had learned to accept the debasement that she was trapped in. As the men talked about sales curves and ways to impress customers, the exhausted young secretary was actually being allowed to rest there on her back. And if all it cost to get that relief from exhaustion and suffering was the act of reaming out her [email protected] with a phony J0yst!ck, that was a price she was more than willing to pay.

There was pleasure in her cunt from the dildo, and Sharon’s p**syjuices had started to flow. She could feel the swollen rubber cockhead and the slight bulges of the simulated veins in the shaft rub deliciously along her sensitive inner cunt walls.

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