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Enslaved Secretary (21+) – Episode 24

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

Horrified, she watched the clips being snapped onto her Tips, then the biting pain caused her to scream is it felt like the tips of her tits were being eaten. Her feet jerked to a halt on the pedals, leaving one long dildo crammed tightly up her distended whole as she trembling agony until her tits started to go numb. “You know what’s coining next don’t you, you sweet little s*x Sl*t?” Tara asked as she pushed the assistant out of the way and moved back in front of Sharon. “I’m going to count to three, then I’m going to turn the current on full blast and leave it that way until you’ve pedaled five miles! If you don’t want to fry your tits right there on your chest, you better get to moving those Goddamn feet!”
Tara stepped back.

“One!” she shouted.
Sharon’s feet began to push. The muscles of her legs tensed as they bore down on the pedals.
The tortured secretary grunted and pushed harder. The bicycle was picking up speed. The dildos ticked into her cunthole and butt0ckz about as fast as a man usually pumps his prick.
“Three!” Tara shouted triumphantly, and leaned down to the cabinet and threw the switch. Immediately, electricity seared into Sharon’s tits, burning through her Tips.

“Aaaargh!” the Unclad secretary screamed through the pain. The current ripped through her flesh and into her chest, where it choked off her air.

Furiously, she drove harder with her feet. She knew it was her only hope to stay alive. The pedals spun, beginning to pickup speed. The current died down at least enough for her to take in a ragged breath. But the pain in her chest was still bad, so she forced her feet to move even faster.

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Hard, phony J0yst!ck hammered violently into her cunthole, slamming against the end of the F**K channel to batter at her already-bruised flesh. Quickly, the thick dildo ripped out of her [email protected] as the second dildo rammed up her butt0ckz. It shocked her guts with its brutal blow, then began to rapidly retreat.

And still the current burned. Almost demented, Sharon pistoned her feet even harder. The electricity slowly died away in her tits but, in her savaged cunt and asshole, the dildos were doing terrible violence.

“Nooo!” Sharon cried, the sound halfway between a growl and a scream. She couldn’t stand the awful beating inside her shiner and [email protected], so her feet slowed. Like a lightning bolt, her tita and chest were hammered by the renewed current, freezing her lungs and making her body jerk in the grip of the tight straps.
No matter which way she pedaled, furiously or slowly, she was tortured by terrible pain. Her cunthole and shitter were able to go numb, but her tits could never adjust to the searing electrical power. Even when her legs began to viciously cramp, she drove her feet frantically on the pedals to escape the hell of the current.

Screaming at the torture she knew would burn into her suffering tits, Sharon felt her leg muscles go out of control and totally quit in exhaustion. Slumping her head and shoulder forward, she waited in agony for her punishment. Her scattered thoughts through the agony and haze in her mind to realize that the two sadistic women in front of the torture device were laughing in hysterical amusement.
“The stupid cunthole didn’t know when to quit!” The administrative assistant giggled so hard she almost choked. “The current cut off when she reached five miles, and the silly Sl*t went ahead and pedaled three more!”
Sharon’s jaw sagged in weariness and the muscles of her legs and arms were just beginning to unwind from their cramps. Her full bladder felt like a punching bag, and it caused a horrible pain and pressure. She broke down in tears thinking, how could a woman be this mean to another woman? But she couldn’t say anything as she was at their mercy.
Her whole lower body ached from the brutal Bleeping and from the intense gripping of her bladder. Her head nodded down toward her chest and she looked painfully at the odometer which, indeed, showed that she had pedaled eight miles.
“Ohhh!” Sharon groaned as the women unstrapped her.
She fell sideways from the seat into their arms.
“Pleasee!” she m0aned as they propped her onto her feet. “Gotta pee!”
“You piss on my floor and I’ll cut that p**symeat out with a knife!” Tara hissed as each of the women grabbed an arm and began pulling Sharon to the rear of the room.

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Sharon was so used up that she couldn’t even turn to follow, and she fell backwards until they caught her and pulled her along, her heels dragging.

“Please let me pee!” Sharon gasped. “I can’t hold it anymore!”

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