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Enslaved Secretary (21+) – Episode 23

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

“Please let me go to the bathroom!” Sharon gasped, but Tara just snarled and slapped viciously at the secretary’s Unclad tits. Her tits bounced painfully all over Sharon’s chest, and the left one showed a palm print. She bit her lower lip to keep from screaming out as straps were buckled across her legs, abdomen, and chest.

Then her feet were clamped onto the pedals and her hands locked onto the handlebars, finishing the job of binding the Unclad s*x slave firmly into place. She was perched there, trembling, sure that something terrible was about to take place.
“Why are you doing this to me?” she asked, feeling, terribly vulnerable and alone. Once again, she was completely bound and totally at the mercy of others, and her fear was growing by leaps and bounds.

“Because you’re going to exercise whether you want to or not,” Tara said. “There’s a gauge down there in front and, in spite of how much you whine and m0an like a B***h dog, you’re going to ride this thing the equivalent of five miles!”

When Tara moved back, Sharon glanced down. Sure enough, there was a gauge down beyond her knees. She had ridden exercise bicycles before and she knew that, if they didn’t have the resistance set too tight, she could make the five miles with ease.

Tentatively Sharon pushed at the pedals. The tension was set way down, so Sharon knew there would be no problem pedaling five miles. She resolved herself to getting it over with as soon as she could, so she pushed down again with her left foot.

“Oh!” she squeaked when something jamed hard into her p**syslit. It felt like the head of a horribly thick J0yst!ck. Her feet immediately stopped on the pedals, and she sat there trembling with confusion.

“Get to pedaling, B***h!” Tara hissed up at the frightened secretary.

The other young woman, her bald [email protected] showing through the open crotch of her leather garment, crossed her arms across her Unclad tits and smiled a wicked smile.

“But something punched me in my [email protected]!” Sharon exclaimed. “I don’t know what would do that to me!”
?“Did we forget to tell you about that?” Tara asked, an evil smile on her face; “Every bit of you needs to be exercised so the bicycle has a built-in dildo to ream out your cunt! We want that little [email protected] of yours to be real strong so it can sq££ze down on a prick or tongue!”
“Oh, no!” Sharon m0aned, squeezing her eyes shut. Her cunthole was already bruised and tender, and it didn’t need any more beating from a phony J0yst!ck, she knew that the claim about exercising it was just a way to taunt her.
“Stop being such a frightened little B***h!” Tara snarled at Sharon. “The Bleeping thing is greased! The bicycle keeps it oiled up as long as you pedal, so it won’t tear your pretty little [email protected]!”

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“Yeah,” the assistant said. “The dildo for your [email protected] is just as slippery as the other one that’s going to F**K your butt0ckz!”
Sharon’s eyes popped open in surprise. She stared at the other young woman. But, before there was a chance to sort out the words, Tara grabbed one of Sharon’s Tips in each of her hands. Her fingers bit severely into both of the tit-mounds, then her wrists turned to twist savagely on the tits.

“Aaargh!” Sharon cried.
Her tits felt as if they were being ripped from her chest. The pain was so intense that it sent the gripping agony clear up through her shoulders, neck and jaws.

“Pedal, B***h!” Tara hissed. “If you don’t, I’m going to tear these Unclad tits off and stuff them in your mouth, then make you eat them raw!”

It was a choice of terrible pains, but at least Sharon’s cunt and asshole wets built for penetration. There was absolutely nothing to relieve the horrible agony now ravaging her tits so reluctantly; her feet began to slowly move.
The aid of the dildo returned from the scat and brutally pushed into her cunt. The cockhead was centered on her tiny cunthole, and the thick prick shoved its way inside. Thankfully, Tara had been telling the truth when she said it was heavily greased. The grease paved the way into her [email protected], and it kept the thick shaft from hurting her aching [email protected]
After reaching clear to the deep end, the phony prick began sliding out of Sharon’s cunthole. When the swollen cockhead dropped back into the seat, turning her p**sylips free, a terrible new pressure began centering on her tiny closed asshole.
Sharon could feel the point of the phony cockhead about to Molest up her shiner, but there remained the horrible torture of Tara’s hands ripping at her tits. Her asshole was no longer virgin, and Sharon knew that it could stretch open for a prick, so, groaning deeply, she continued to turn the pedals while the thick dildo F***ed painfully up her butt0ckz.
The dildo was long, reaching clear up so her guts before it began to descend, and Sharon gritted her teeth from the s£nsat!on of her shithole. Finally, the lewd, Bleeping dildo moved out of her guts and back down into the seat, only to be replaced instantly by its cunt-spearing rubber companion.

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Sharon’s feet moved at an agonizingly slow pace. It would take a long time to ride five miles, but at least it made the cunt-Bleeping and assrape as gentle as it could be. When Sharon was well into a slow rhythm, Tara released her tortured tits and backed away to stand in front of the exercise bicycle.

“Umph! Umph! Umph!” Sharon grunted as her cunt and asshole were F***ed.
“You’re going to have to ride faster than that, B***h!” Tara snarled. “We’re not going to stand down here all night while you ride a slow five miles.”

Sharon tried to make her legs move faster, but each time she did, the fake cocks painfully hammered into her asshole and [email protected] The torture was more than she could stand, so she immediately slowed down to a pace less painful, and continued to slowly pedal phony cocks up her cunthole and shitter.

“I guess we’re going to have to give her some incentive,” Tara said as she watched the tortured young woman. “We can’t have a lazy B***h like this ruining our secretarial staff!”
?“Can I do it?” the lusty young assistant asked.
She appeared to be so excited that she almost pissed down the insides of her legs.

“Be my guest!” The older woman laughed at her assistant’s excitement and moved out of the way.

The younger woman scurried over and stood in front of the bicycle as Sharon continued to slowly pedal. The assistant reached down into a cabinet built in the front of the bicycle’s base and extracted two long wires tipped by alligator clips. She held them up toward Sharon’s Unclad tits, opening the sharp metal teeth.

“Noooo,” the bound, Unclad secretary said when she opened her eyes.

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