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Enslaved Secretary (21+) – Episode 22

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

“You see, my dear,” Tara said, smiling broadly, her teeth glinting brightly, “We have to make sure you get your exercise. If you sit at that desk all day without at least stretching your muscles, your pretty little tits will start to sag and that nice butt0ckz of yours will begin to spread like a bad case of the plague.”

Sharon bit on the tip of her tongue to keep from reminding the large big titted witch that she hadn’t been wasting time all day. She had been locked helpless to a padded platform on top of a conference table, being F***ed in almost every possible way. And, as far as her muscles were concerned, every one of them felt as though it had been beaten and stretched all out of shape.
When they had taken Sharon off the table that afternoon, she had been led to a long room at the back of the mansion, which looked, for all intents and purposes, like a military barracks. Twenty small metal beds lined the side walls of the room. Each was padded by a thin mattress and covered by blankets and sheets.

Sharon hadn’t been given any clothing, but at least they had allowed her to rest, and the exhausted secretary had collapsed and slept away the rest of the day. When she had awakened, the rest of the Unclad secretaries were milling around in the room. One of them told her that they had already eaten.

Then the door at the opposite end to the hall opened, and Tara and a thin assistant stepped inside. They had come for Sharon, and they locked a metal collar around her neck then used a leash to lead her outside.

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“Can I get something to eat?” Sharon asked, following along behind the sadistic pair. Each of the lusty women was dressed in black leather, with holes cut out for their tits and cunts.
“Later,” Tara said.

“Then can I go to the bathroom?” the young secretary asked. “I really need to pee!”
“You just pissed this afternoon!” Tara hissed.
“Yeah,” the other woman said. “She looked just like a silly B***h! I can still hear that golden piss beating into that wastebasket like a drum!”
Sharon groaned in embarrassment. She hadn’t needed to be reminded of that. She still shuddered each time she thought about hunkering down, her Unclad butt0ckz and cunt over the trash basket, her piss hissing into it for everyone in the office could see and hear.

“You’ll just have to hold it,” Tara said as she stopped in front of a heavy, locked door. “There’s a device you can piss into inside this room after you’re through with your exercises!”
?The room into which they stepped was brightly lit, and around it were, scattered a number of devices. Many of the contraptions looked like familiar exercise equipment, but each of them seemed somehow strangely different. The high bar had straps and clamps that could be used to lock legs into place, and the pommel horse had along, thick dildo jutting up in the middle of the saddle.

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Chains from the ceiling ended in exercise rings, but there were handcuffs attached to both. There were other devices Sharon didn’t get much of a chance to study, but she figured she already knew far more than she wanted to. All of the exercise equipment had been turned into taunting instruments of torture, with bondage devices built onto them so that a terrified victim could be ravaged and F***ed.

Tara tugged on the chain attached to the collar and pulled Sharon across the room. The device the captive secretary was being moved toward appeared to be an exercise bicycle that had been altered. Instead of metal feet, it was mounted atop a square steel box, and the seat was bulky and heavy and had a tall upright back built on. The pedals and handlebars were about the only things that seemed normal to the frightened young woman.

“This is your exercise equipment for the day,” Tara said wickedly, and pushed Sharon onto the large platform for the device. Sharon groaned when she stepped up, the tension in her abdomen torturing her intensely stretched bladder. She was forced to sit on the seat, which was unnaturally wide and bowed out her legs. With her feet on the pedals, her legs were spread apart to open her cunt and asscrack, and the mouths of her fu-Ckholes nuzzled down tightly onto the surface of the seat.

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