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Enslaved Secretary (21+) – Episode 21

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

“I don’t like this p**syfooting, or playing kissy-kissy with the consumer. If we want to make money and that’s what we’re here for our sales approach is going to have to go right for the consumers’ guts!”

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Sharon gasped when she realized what was about to happen. Before she could protest, the man’s massive cockhead was driven straight into her asshole. A lightning bolt of pain struck her lower body and ripped clear up into her chest. She couldn’t even scream as several inches of the horse-like J0yst!ck was viciously F***ed into her shitter. Her air didn’t come back until the entire monstrous prick was speared through her shithole to jam far up in
to her guts.
?“Nooooo!” Sharon m0aned, unable to control herself any longer. Her butt0ckz-ring was in far too much pain. True to the promise, the female administrative assistant walked around the table and slashed the riding crop down savagely onto Sharon’s Unclad tits. It took several more cutting blows before Sharon could cut off her groaning sounds as the thick prick violently F***ed her butt0ckz. She wasn’t even aware of when the mighty J0yst!ck finally swelled even more and filled her asshole with Pour.

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And still the S#xual torture went on. When the man’s gigantic prick was yanked roughly from her suffering asshole, she was simply shoved on to the next executive. One after another, they used and abused her as they discussed profits and corporate pictures, each of them using Sharon to illustrate his or her point.

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She was F***ed in the mouth, [email protected] and butt0ckz, and forced to eat more J0yst!ck and cunt. One woman even pissed in her face while the rest of the participants watched, enjoying the degradation of the young slave. If there had ever been any doubts in Sharon’s tortured mind about why she was being held captive in Titus Marks’ mansion, the board meeting had washed them away.

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