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Enslaved Secretary (21+) – Episode 20

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

“All that is well and good,” chief said, considering what the man had said. “An initial advertising campaign might get us inside, but it’s not going to guarantee that we keep our share of the business.”

The man smiled confidently. “You’re right, of course, Mr. Chairman. We have to keep hitting the consumer again and again.”

As if to illustrate his point, he F***ed his prick back, and forth inside Sharon’s [email protected] His cockhead battered savagely against the deep end of her F**K-pit. Unrelenting, the Bleeping reamed out her cunthole until it felt like the stretched condition was natural.

The man continued his presentation for several minutes as he brutally F***ed the captive woman’s cunt. Then, finally, with his point made, his J0yst!ck swelled inside Sharon’s fu-Ckhole and blasted sticky Pour into her gaping [email protected] Again and again he shot Pour into the deep cavern of her cunt before finally puffing his prick out and pushing it back into his pants.
When he sat down, happy with what he had contributed, Sharon and the platform were pushed along on the track.

“I wish it was all that easy,” a man in his forties said as he rose from his chair, stopping the platform and Sharon in front of him at the same time. “But we have to look at all sides of the question and some of them offer different problems.”

His hand worked at the underside of the platform near the large ball that rode the track. There was a click, and suddenly Sharon and the platform were pivoted around until her head was hanging over the edge. He lifted her by the hair as he shoved the extension back in, then her neck arched back as her head dropped, and suddenly she stared at the man’s crotch. His fingers were busy at the front of his pants, until he finally managed to lever his thick prick from his trousers.

“For example,” the man said gruffly as he used his fingers to pry open Sharon’s mouth. “Instead of
just thrusting into an existing market, why don’t we try to appeal to the consumers’ tastes? Instead of just giving them something to use, let’s offer them something they can really get their teeth into!”

His hard prick wedged into Sharon’s mouth, prying her jaws wide. The rubbery cockhead slid clear to the back of her mouth. There it battered against the opening to her throat, threatening to spear past her tonsils.
“A multiple sales approach always is better,” Chief said. “I assume that’s what you’re suggesting rather than just substituting one for the other.”

“Exactly,” the face-fu-Cker said. He hauled his cockhead out to Sharon’s lips, then F***ed it in to the back of her mouth. “We should penetrate the traditional market just like Danjuma showed, but let’s not forget that there are other ways and places to attack!”

The hard prick was covered with Sharon’s spit, and the taste of pre-Pour was swirling through her mouth. To keep her jaws from aching, she closed her tongue and checks around the mouth-Bleeping J0yst!ck. It was pistoning into her face as though her mouth was a [email protected]
“And when we get the consumers hungering for what we’re offering,” the man said. “Then we can go after the more difficult market. All we have to do is exert a little more effort to force our product into places it normally doesn’t go!”

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?He linked his fingers around the back of Sharon’s neck and pulled, locking her head firmly in place. His cockhead jammed against her tonsils and continued to shove. A terrible pressure began to grow against the end of Sharon’s mouth, then, with intense pain, the small opening gave way and the entire swollen prickhead popped into the tight grip of her throat.
“And once we make the breach,” the man said emphatically, “we have to force the issue all the way!”

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Long inches of throbbing J0yst!ck crammed down the narrow tube of the tortured secretary’s gullet. The muscles around her neck bulged to show everyone in the room the progress of the man’s cockhead down her throat. Sharon’s breath was abruptly cut off as prick blocked the air to her lungs. She was being deep-throated by a thundering slab of male fu-Ckmeat, the cockhead reaching almost into her chest. Cockhair scratched wickedly at her chin and the man’s heavy balls slapped along her nose. Then the throat-raping prick was Bleeping violently back and forth, reaming out the entire length of her neck.

The cockhead scraped back and forth along the walls of Sharon’s throat, rubbing them raw as the prick deep-throated the tortured young woman. But her gullet was so tight, and squeezing the fu-Ckmeat so intently, that the oral Molest couldn’t go on for long. The prickshaft swelled on one of its savage thrusts and the cockhead ballooned. Soon scalding jism was blasting into her throat to grease is way to her stomach.

After what seemed like a gallon of the sticky Pour had spurted into her gullet, the prick was pulled back into her mouth. The cockhead popped out of her throat, and Sharon sU-Cked cooling air through her nose to salve her burning lungs.

The man’s presentation was apparently over, and he pulled his J0yst!ck out of her mouth and pushed the softening prick back into his pants. Then he shoved the bound secretary on to the next executive in line.

Once again, it was a woman, but this time a young one, not much older than Sharon was herself. As the tall beauty stood, she reached into her briefcase for a large, fake prick.
“Have we thought about sampling?” the woman asked chief as she turned Sharon and the platform back around. When she had the hard rubber cockhead of the dildo lined up with Sharon’s cunthole, she added: “There’s nothing like a sample to let the consumer know what the real thing is all about.”

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The dildo rammed into Sharon’s cunt. She had to bite at her lip to keep from screaming. The phony J0yst!ck was bigger than any real one she’d ever had in her [email protected], and the terribly thick thing spread her cunthole wide. If it hadn’t been for the Pour that was still leaking from her F**K-pit, the monstrous rubber prick never would have made it inside. Still, in spite of the juices, it felt like a fence post was being shoved into her cunt, and Sharon fought herself to keep from groaning.
“What do you suggest?” Chief asked the young woman.

“A massive effort that’s going to penetrate the market completely,” the woman said lustily, Bleeping the thick dildo in and out of the captive secretary’s [email protected] “By the time it’s through, I want to know that there’s, not a fraction of an inch of the territory that we haven’t repeatedly touched.”

Sharon’s inner cunt walls were stretched thin. The phony cockhead F***ed clear to the end of her F**K-pit, filling her [email protected] completely. After long seconds of jerking and thrusting, her cuntbole finally adjusted. The pain of the stretching diminished and the pleasure came on and greased down her [email protected] channel even more. Before the woman finished, Sharon had Pour several times from the ravaging of her cunt by the dildo.

Sharon was exhausted when she was finally pushed on down the line. Angry teeth marks still surrounded one of her Tips. Her [email protected] had been licked by the older woman until cuntjuice had flowed down across her asshole. Then her [email protected] had been savagely raped by a man talking about market penetration. Next, a large J0yst!ck had been forced clear into her throat to shoot its spunk almost to her stomach. And even that hadn’t ended the demented s*x torture, and Sharon had been pushed along to another young woman, who had F***ed Sharon’s cunt brutally with a rubber prick.

As she was once more pushed along the track, Sharon was almost insane from the fear about what could possibly happen next.

?She didn’t have long to wait to find out. The next man in line abruptly stopped the moving platform with his hand as he pulled himself from his chair. He was a massive man with a solid body. He stared smugly down at the captive, well-F***ed young woman before glancing up to the head of the table.

The J0yst!ck the man pulled from his trousers was the largest one Sharon had ever seen. Its thick shaft was a handful, and the cockhead, raging purple with lust, looked like a small fist aimed between Sharon’s legs. With one hand, he reached up to her shoulders and jammed her body down until her thighs were wedged even more painfully wide.

“We’ve talked about several approaches so far,” the large man said. “But we really haven’t paid much attention to intensity. I’m part of the old school.”
He used the fingers of one hand to spread Sharon’s asscrack.

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