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Enslaved Secretary (21+) – Episode 19

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

“I trust all of you had an excellent lunch at the executive dining room,” Chief said slowly. “And if there are any complaints about the food, you should address them to Miss Balogun.”

The tall woman nodded her head. But her eyes never left Sharon’s Unclad tits. It was as if Sharon’s tits were the only thing that interested her in the room.

“As usual at our board meetings,” Chief said after a slight pause, “we’ll have our dessert while we work. The delectable treat on the menu this afternoon is a brand new acquisition, and I’m sure all of you will give her an appropriate executive welcome.”

There were titters of laughter around the room. The nervous sound of excitement and lust in the laughing voices made Sharon’s blood fill with ice. If there had been any doubt before, it was swept away now — she was facing an afternoon of sexual abuse.

“As is custom,” Chief said, “while we pass around and enjoy dessert, we’ll take care of a little business. So, Miss Balogun, if you’ll be so kind as to unlock the brake, we’ll get on with this meeting.”

The tall woman leaned over and sU-Cked Sharon’s right Tip loudly into her hot, wet mouth. The suction distended the tit until it stretched painfully in over the woman’s velvety tongue, then her glistening teeth bit firmly into the flesh.

Sharon yipped in pain and surprise as her tit was deeply marked by sharp teeth. Then the administrative assistant tripped the brake on the platform and snapped Sharon’s tit out of her mouth, leaving an angry bite mark around the Tip, before shoving the platform and the tormented secretary to the tight.

The platform glided easily on its track past chief and stopped at the first person on the other side. That person was an older woman with rimless glasses perched on her slightly pugged nose. As Sharon watched in panic, the elderly woman removed her eyeglasses and la!d them on the table. Then her face nodded toward Sharon’s hairless [email protected] Her long tongue snaked out of her mouth to greedily lick through Sharon’s cuntgash.

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Sharon cried and whipped her head to the side to look back up toward the head of the table.

Chief scowled at the noise and nodded at his administrative assistant, who took a black riding crop out of a briefcase and began slapping it loudly into the palm of one hand. Sharon’s cries stopped and fear speared through her guts. There was no doubt about the message the s*xy** administrative assistant was conveying: Interrupt Chief while he was conducting his meeting and the riding crop would savage Sharon’s flesh. The bound secretary immediately bit down hard on her lower lip, suffering the indignities in silence. And, while she trembled without making sound, the older woman began lapping p**syjuices from Sharon’s cunt.

“Now!” Chief growled. “Without further interruption, we’ll move on to the first order of business!”

The older woman who was eating Sharon’s [email protected] apparently had an agenda of her own. As chief’s voice droned on about profit pictures and sales margins, the woman ran her long tongue through the captive secretary’s cunt. The tip F***ed against the head of the small cl!t hiding in its folds of skin at the top of the gash. Then the tongue slid down the length of the [email protected] slit to poke at the mouth of Sharon’s cunthole. In spite of Sharon’s horror, the stimulation of her [email protected] caused her F**K juices to flow. The woman caught them with her tongue as they emerged from Sharon’s cunthole and gulped them down her throat. The shaving of her [email protected] mound seemed to make Sharon’s cunt even more sensitive than before, and pleasurable sexual sparks began to fire. Perhaps it had been no accident that the elderly woman had been first in line to enjoy Sharon’s flesh as dessert, because the [email protected] greased up the captive secretary’s cunthole very well.

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When the woman raised her head from between the secretary’s legs, her deeply-lined face was smeared by the cuntjuices of young Sharon. She smiled, her teeth glinting from the moisture of the young cunthole she had eaten, and there was a satisfied look on her face. Finally, she sighed and pushed the platform to the right.

The large hand of a man reached up to stop the platform’s progress along the track in the table. He positioned her Unclad body right before his chair, then gained the attention of Chief and rose from his seat.

“I think our sales approach might be wrong, Mr. Chairman,” he said as he unbuttoned his trouser. His fingers ran inside the gap and pulled out his long, hard J0yst!ck. “It’s obvious that we’re not getting the proper market penetration and I think we ought to do something about that.”

Chief laughed as the man lined his throbbing cockhead up with Sharon’s gaping, wet [email protected]

“And just how do you suggest we improve our penetration?” Chief asked.

“We must thrust ourselves forcefully into the marketplace,” the man said, driving his prick savagely into the captive woman’s cunthole. His throbbing cockhead drove clear to the end of her [email protected] “We can’t dally around about filling our place in the economy.”

The man’s hard J0yst!ck stuffed Sharon’s cunthole. Throbbing fu-Ckmeat stretched her [email protected] walls outward. Her [email protected] felt crammed full of prick, and she said silent thanks to the woman who had eaten her [email protected], since it had made her cunthole very wet. If the man had F***ed his thick prick into her without that natural lubrication, Sharon knew she would be screaming with pain.

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