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Enslaved Secretary (21+) – Episode 18

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

The conference table in the board room was massive, an expanse of polished oak that must have weighed more than a ton. It was the largest piece of furniture that Sharon had ever seen and, for a secretary who had been in many offices, that was saying a lot. The table was built in the shape of a long rectangle. There must have been at least twenty large, deep black leather chairs surrounding its perimeter, but the young s*x slave wasn’t given much of a chance to count.

The most unusual thing about the table was the track like slot that had been inla!d into the wood. Fitting into the recessed slot on the top of the table was a padded platform on wheels. On that platform were four metal cla

mps, two toward the middle of the table and the other pair toward the edge. And Sharon didn’t have very long to wonder about the platform’s design before she found out about it firsthand.

Saka, the bodyguard, and Tara, the office manager, forced the Unclad secretary down onto her back atop the small platform. The clamps toward the middle of the table were snapped around her upper arms just below the shoulders, and they held the top of her body firmly against the padding. Then her knees were bent severely and her feet pulled back toward the cheeks of her butt0ckz until they rested on top of the platform. Her ankles were then captured by the other pair of clamps, and the combination pinned her solidly to the platform.

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The device wasn’t quite as long as her body so both her butt0ckz and head pushed past the ends. At one extreme, Saka pulled out a small extension to hold up her head and the addition brought her some relief. But there was nothing done about her butt0ckz hanging off the other edge, and, enhanced by the unnatural spread of her knees, the position spread her Unclad [email protected] wide open. Her cunt mound split and her tender inner p**sylips flowered, showing the mouth of her cunthole.

Then Saka and Tara left her. She could rock the platform, but not free herself from its grasp. Her knees ached from the sharp angle and her [email protected] felt shamefully exposed. The platform was close enough to the edge of the table that her butt0ckz and cunt actually extended past the oaken top, and Sharon’s mind fought wildly with the terrible thoughts of what might happen next. She was to get any from the terrible wiring of her tits to an electrical current, but she was afraid that she was now on the way to even more horrifying trouble.

That possibility was brought home when several men and a few women began arriving in the room. Sharon was bound up at the head of the large table, and all of the people were taking seats along the sides and far end, but each of them took the few seconds to pass by and stare down at Sharon’s Unclad flesh. The young secretary groaned to herself with humiliation, embarrassment.

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Even the women entering the room were dressed in expensive suits and ties, making Sharon even more intensely aware of her lewdly exposed tits and cunt. She didn’t even have the small comfort of p**syhair to help cover her gaping cunt as everything had been shaved clean first by Saka, and then by Tara, and the tormented woman’s Unclad flesh burned from the humiliation that she felt.

To make matters worse, not a single one of the people arriving in the room offered the least hint of comfort or concern. Each of the executives acted like it was the normal course of things to have a chained, Unclad s*x slave present at their business meeting.

When the chairs were filled with executives, the door to the hallway opened one final time. Chief strolled into the room, followed by a thin female administrative assistant, and he walked around to sit in the single vacant chair left at the head of the table. When he had settled in, Sharon could no longer see him beyond the top of her head, but the tall woman, wearing a tightly tailored gray suit and a long, black tie, stood nearby and stared down at the frightened, Unclad secretary with obvious amusement.

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