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Enslaved Secretary (21+) – Episode 17

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

Aaeeeiii!” Sharon screamed as the whip slashed across her back, below her shoulder blades. A line of fire was etched into her tender skin, igniting a blaze of pain that ripped through her flesh. Her Unclad body thrashed violently in the chains from the intense agony, the clamps cutting deeply into the flesh of her wrists and ankles.

The whip struck again, this time high on her shoulders. The pain that was torturing her doubled with the new blow as another line of fire was added to her body.

“Noooo!” Sharon wailed as steady blows began to batter her body.

Chika had set herself into a rhythm of lashing the Unclad young woman. The black whip snaked out and struck time after time, turning the secretary’s back into a pattern of scarlet lines.

Then she moved her aim down, zeroing in on the Unclad asscheeks that trembled along with the rest of Sharon’s body. The first slash to the butt0ckz seared a line across both of the asschecks, causing the tortured s*x slave to scream in pain. Slowly, Chika’s [email protected] began to grease itself inside her [email protected] at the lusty feeling of beating Sharon’s soft flesh.

Sharon was struck again and again. There was pain she never would have believed. Even the agony she felt when her butt0ckz had been F***ed couldn’t compare with the torture she was suffering. Even the backs of her thighs were being tortured by the terrible lashing, and soon Sharon’s screams were almost continual.

?But Chika wasn’t through with beating the Unclad girl. Pausing for a few seconds, she moved until she was directly behind the tortured secretary. She curled the whip behind her and lashed out, snapping the tip of the bullwhip right into the secretary’s butt0ckz-crease, hitting Sharon’s little shithole.

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Pain speared clear into Sharon’s guts. The end of the whip had popped against her asshole. The pain ripped up through her body and froze the screams in her chest, and throat.

Then the whip fell silent, and Sharon’s mind jumped to the conclusion that the terrible beating had finally ended. But Chika was only moving around to the front, where she had clear flesh to mark with searing, scarlet lines.

“No!” Sharon shrieked, but already the lash was on its way. It sliced across both of her trembling tits, ripping at her Tips. In horror, Sharon glanced down, sure that the little nubs had been ripped from her flesh. But although they were brutally beaten, the Tips were still in place at the ends of her tits.

Chika’s arm worked steadily, slicing the whip into Sharon’s tits again and again. Angry red lines covered the mounds in every direction, turning her tits into twin peaks of pain.

Then the whip began to slash at Sharon’s stomach, and the flesh there became deeply marked. And finally, Chika positioned herself directly in front of the tortured secretary and lashed out underhanded with the whip. This time the tip of the evil torturing device snapped right into the gash of Sharon’s [email protected], searing against the tender flesh.

Then chika stepped back, and chief rose from his chair. All during the beating, he had sat and calmly watched the savage thrashing of his new s*x slave’s flesh. Now, before the young woman was permanently damaged, he stopped the lesson in discipline.

Slowly, be walked around Sharon’s Unclad, beaten body, until he was once more in front of her. Then he stepped forward.


“This is what a woman can do to you with a whip!” he whispered. “Imagine what it would be like if Saka or I lashed you with all of our strength! Because that’s what you will get if you ever give me the impression of hesitating to do anything that I or my people say! Do you understand that, bitch? Do you understand that real well?”

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His words burned into her. She had no doubt that he meant what he said. If he or the large bodyguard ever took a whip to her, the frightened, beaten, Unclad young secretary knew that she would be dead.

Sharon gulped and frantically nodded her head. Even the pain didn’t frighten her as much as his eyes. She could look far down into the black depths and see even more horrible torture if she ever displeased him. There was no doubt in her mind that, no matter how degrading, she would have to leap to do everything he said.

“Now!” he gasped, taking a couple of steps back from her and turning his head to glance over toward Alex and Chika. “The two of you can leave her to me! She’s mine now to do what I want with!”

Sharon’s previous torturers moved silently from the room. When they were gone, Chief turned to his bodyguard.

“Take her to an empty room and get the hair off her [email protected],” he said sternly. “When she begins work in the morning, I want her cunt as slick as a baby’s!”

Chief reached forward and grabbed a handful of Sharon’s p**syhair. With a tremendous jerk, he pulled a wide patch of it out of her cunt mound, then turned and left the room as the young s*x slave screamed in terror and pain.

To Be Continued…

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