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Enslaved Secretary (21+) – Episode 16

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

He moved across the room to where a large lever had been mounted on the opposite wall. When he turned it, the sound of clanking and creaking floated down from the ceiling. Sharon glanced up, searching for the noise, and saw a contraption much like a wide trapeze started to descend from the ceiling. The metal bar was several feet long and suspended by chains. The bodyguard tossed a large rug on the floor beneath it. Two sliding bolts were mounted in the floor with chains coming from each. At the end of both chains was a heavy metal clamp, and Sharon gasped when she realized what it all meant.

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?Sharon bolted toward the door, but the bodyguard cut her off, wrapping one large arm around her waist and lifting her from the floor. He carried her over and locked her wrists into clamps on the ends of the overhead bar, then snapped the other clamps around her ankles. He returned to the lever and moved it until Sharon’s toes were pulled from the floor. Then he came back and adjusted the floor bolts until her legs were spread wide apart.

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Her wrists ached from supporting her weight and her ankles were cut when she tried to twist. She was totally captured by the chains, unable to thrash more than an inch in any direction. Then the bodyguard showed her a long, wicked knife, pushing the blade up in front of her face.

Sharon gasped when the sharp point began moving toward her tits, and she could see the light of the room glinting off its sharp edge. The knife slipped down the front of her dress, and, with one quick jerk, the material was sliced from her tits. Other cuts removed the rest of her clothing, and soon the tortured secretary was suspended Unclad in the middle of the room.

“Yessss!” chief hissed. “This little bitch will do just fine!”

He turned in his chair toward the other pair of sadists.

“Miss Amanna,” he said, “Would you do us the honours of teaching this cunt our discipline system, and what’s in store for her if she doesn’t eagerly do everything she’s told?”

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“Certainly,” Chika said.

She moved along the wall to a built-in cabinet. She reached in and took something long and black from inside, then carried it back and held it up in front of Sharon’s frightened face.

“This,” she said, spewing spit into Sharon’s face, “is what you get each time you even think about disobeying!”

Sharon screamed. Chika held an evil, black bullwhip.

Sharon’s eyes bulged as Chika began to move, circling the Unclad, bound female body. Sharon twisted her head to follow the progress of the other woman, and Chika stopped when she was behind Sharon and to the side. As the terrified secretary watched, she dropped the lash of the whip to the floor, where it coiled and twisted like a snake. Her arm went back, then flashed forward, lifting the coils swiftly from the floor.

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