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Enslaved Secretary (21+) – Episode 10

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

Enslaved Secretary (21+)

“That’s good,” he said. “You ain’t supposed to. Slaves haven’t got any right to Pour! You’re going to do what we say! And the first thing you’re going to do tomorrow morning is dress your Unclad butt0ckz in the shortest skirt you have and report to your office! If you don’t show up for work in the morning, I’ll have the police force track you down no matter where you go!”

Sharon m0aned, her face buried in the cushion of the chair as the stick continued to rape her cunt. With the slippery moisture of p**syjuice to glide on, the thick shaft was pistoning back and forth. Once again, Sharon felt completely betrayed by her body as it reacted to the terrible violation. She was shamed and abused enough without her own [email protected] acting like it was enjoying itself as the stick F***ed far up her cunt. She couldn’t even see what was going on as her [email protected] flesh was abused.

Sharon was humiliated, debased and more than a little frightened by the evil scene. She was bound by handcuffs just like a common prostitute or criminal, and she was being threatened with prison. Even her wildest nightmares had never been as horrible as what was really happening, and she knew that there would be no escape.

“You got a swampy F**K pit now,” Frank said, and backed away from the Unclad woman.

He left the night stick buried far up her [email protected] as he began to strip out of his uniform. His J0yst!ck was already hard and jutting up from his groin. It was at least twice as thick as the stick buried in her [email protected]

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Sharon gulped, trying to swallow down her shame. He had left her there, trapped with a shaft of wood jutting from her cunt. She heard his clothing fall away. Then the night stick began swirling painfully around in her cunt again as the evil policeman moved it with his hand.

“You like that, bitch?” he asked. “Well, I’m tired of it! It’s time to grease up my J0yst!ck!”

Sharon m0aned.

When the stick was pulled from her [email protected], the officer quickly replaced it with his J0yst!ck. Sharon yipped as his thick prick F***ed in, spreading her [email protected] wide. And when the cockhead rammed against the tenderness of the back of her cunt, she cried out in pain.


?The J0yst!ck pistoned, fu-Cking into her tight [email protected] The juices inside her cunt washed over it, greasing the long, thick prick. Sharon thought she was in for another brutal fu-Cking, and she was surprised when Frank yanked his prick from her [email protected]

“Get ready for some butt0ckz-fu-Cking!” he groaned. “My J0yst!ck’s got all the grease that it needs!”

His words were like daggers in Sharon’s chest. They pierced and almost stopped her heart. The brutal man was talking about fu-Cking her shithole, and she knew that her whole just wasn’t big enough. His J0yst!ck would tear and rip her guts to pieces, and the fear of it made her howl.

The young secretary’s cries turned on Frank even more. What good is it to F**K an butt0ckz, he thought, if the bitch doesn’t scream in pain. He used the fingers of one hand to spread the tormented woman’s butt0ckz-crease, revealing the tiny pucker of her asshole. His prick throbbed and hardened even more as he pressed his cockhead against her shitter.

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Brutally, he shoved the wrinkled skin of her asshole inside as he crammed his cockhead through her butt0ckz-ring. A crushing pressure gripped his J0yst!ck right behind his swollen cockhead, making him gasp with pleasure. It was the tightest shitter he’d ever F***ed his prick into and he was determined to make it swallow all of his meaty J0yst!ck.

“Aaeeiii!” Sharon screamed as she felt her asshole ripping apart. It was just as if she had been speared by a cold metal spike that was going to rip through her guts. She would have never believed that, such pain could exist.

Frank grunted as he watched all of his long, thick J0yst!ck disappear through the woman’s tight shithole. There was nothing he liked better than fu-Cking a young virgin asshole, and Sharon’s asshola had obviously never been F***ed. Impaling her butt0ckz with his prick was even more fun than fu-Cking her [email protected]

“Nooo!” Sharon groaned. “It’s killing me! It’s ripping my butt0ckz to pieces! I can’t stand it! Take your J0yst!ck out of my guts!”

“It’s just beginning, wh0r£!” Frank cried as he began fu-Cking her tight butt0ckz. “By the time you get F***ed in the butt0ckz a hundred times by me and others, you’ll beg for someone to ram J0yst!ck up your asshole!”

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