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Endless Love🔞: Episode 5

Endless Love🔞

Endless Love🔞


“Don’t fight her… I know a perfect way”

“What perfect way?”,suddenly she closed her eyes as the weather became cloudy. She has great power and I’m proud of that.. The wind was blowing for some minutes as l saw Alicia running.

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“She is gone….now”

She opened her eyes,”l know…”

“So now what…”

“l guess l have to leave now…”,as she hugged me and walked into the water.

Within minutes she turned into mermaid as she waved me goodbye..

“Wait ….”, l shouted. I walked into the water to meet her.

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“What’s wrong?”,she asked.

“l want to kiss you again..”,l said as she giggled.

“okay..”,she moved close to me and without any second thought l kissed her deeply..

“Goodbye Gabriel…”,she said and swam along.

l went back to the party as Miss Bella(my nanny) shouts in surprise…

“My dear…whats happened to u”

“l just went for a swim..”

“With this clothes? Hmm… go and change..Everyone is waiting for you to cut the cake..”

“okay…”,as l ran to one of the rooms to change. l remove my shirt and smiled at myself..

“Hey baby..”,l heard a voice and turned and it was Alicia..

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“Alicia…what are you doing here?”

“You know…”,as she rubbed her hands on my neck and l pushed her. “No l don’t know and please just get out..”

“But l want you”

“No l don’t.. Just go to your fiance”

“l can’t …l still love you”

l laughed,”Since when, Alicia..”

“Alicia l moved on and I’m in love with Blue”

“Liar…you are just saying that to make me jealous right”

“Nope…l truly love Blue with all my heart..”..



Tbc ..

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