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Endless Love🔞: Episode 3

Endless Love🔞

Endless Love🔞

Gabriel’s Pov


I just feel like kissing her. The way she tip her tongue out and licked her lips makes me feel like capturing her tongue and kissing it.

“I’m done with all the books.I think I know everything about your world now”

“I’m glad u do”

In the evening we sat down as we stared at the moon and stars.

“Its beautiful,isn’t it”,we both said as she laughed.

“Yea it is….How I wish I had a star”,she said..

“Why would u want one?”

“To make my dream come true”


“So have you fallen inlove?”


“Tell me about her”

“Well she was my everything until oneday she said we are done.. l guess she doesn’t need me anymore”

She touched my hands,”I’m so sorry….l shouldn’t have asked”

“Don’t worry. Tell me about yours”

“l haven’t fallen in love yet…l guess he is waiting for me somewhere”

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“You mean your Merman?”

“No,not my Merman.lts has always been my dream to fall in love with a human”


“Yea….l can’t wait to have my first kiss with him too”

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“Wait…you haven’t had your first kiss?”

“No I haven’t”

“it’s getting late…l think you should take your bath now”

“Okay…but u are coming with me right?”


“l mean I want u to wash my back…my hands get reach there”

This is really a great torture. What am l going to do when I see her naked body.. “Okay…”

Within minutes we were at the bathroom.She removed her shirt slowly.Her eyes so tormenting as if she wants to make love to me.Abd gradually she was naked…l lost control.

“Carry me please”

Oh what a torture,Blue

“okay…”,as l carried her and opened the shower.Some part of me wants to remove

my clothes and join her.


“Gabriel…”,as she hand me the sponge.l was lost in thought as l moved close to her.l removed her hair around her nape.My breath on her neck as she gasp.

Blue’s Pov



“Gabriel”,as l gave him the sponge and turned.I felt his hand removing the hair from my nape. His breath on my neck as I gasp.What is he doing to me ?

My body was full of goosebumps. Suddenly I felt the sponge rubbing my back as l close my eyes. His lips on my nape as l tried to fight my inner self. l want to kiss him.

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“I’m done….”

“Oh okay…”,as I tried to put on a smile.

“You told me that one drop of water can make u turn into a mermaid”

“Only without my necklace”

“Okay…I will be in my room”


A few minutes l was done bathing as I slowly wore the same shirt he gave me. l liked his scent actually.

It’s too early for me to sleep.I walked to his door knocked…

“Blue…is everything alright?”

“Yea..l was thinking if we could watch a movie”

“That’s would be nice”

We sat by the television as we watched “50 shades darker”,while chewing our pop corn. l felt shy when l always watched the sex part….

“Oh no….this is too much. it’s hot.. Why does he always tied her up”

“I guess that’s how Christian wants it”

“Hmm…just wish my future husband does the same to me”




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