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Endless Love🔞: Episode 15

Endless Love🔞

Endless Love🔞




We wore the rings as Alicia walk towards us.

Gabriel looked at me in shock…

“if Alicia is here then who are you..?”,he asked shockingly.

l removed the the veil from my face as everyone gasps…

“Blue…. but how?”,he asked again.

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“I’m sorry Gabriel… you are mine and no one else. You can’t get married to this bitch. l know you love me”

“You whore.. .”,Alicia move towards me as she hit me hard on my cheeks.

She tried removing the ring from my finger and she succeed.

She tore my gown and l wasn’t able to fight back.

The reason was to see Gabriel’s reaction.

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“That’s enough ladies”,he shouted as Alicia froze…

We turned to look at him.

“l can’t believe it’s all coming back. I remember everything now.”,he said again.

l smiled staring at him again.

“You have no shame Alicia. After shooting me,you have the guts to marry me because I have memory loss… You took advantage of me. l hate you”

“No baby please don’t say that..”,she begs ,”l love you Gabriel. l love so much. This bitch isn’t right for you..”

“No… You are not the right girl for me. l don’t love you. Now get out!”,he shouted.

“I’m not going anywhere…”,as she took her gun..

“if l can’t have you then she can’t have you too..”

She pulled the trigger as l stood in front of Gabriel as l felt pain in my chest..

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l fell on the floor trying my best to breathe..

“Oh no.. Blue. You can’t die”,he knelt in front of me.

The police came quickly to arrest Alicia but unfortunately she shot herself.

My hands were full of blood due to where I touched.

l touched his cheeks, “I’m not going to die.. l love you Gabriel and we are married.”

l turned to the priest, “Please father can you continue from where you ended”

“Okay dear..”

“I now pronounced you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride” Gabriel lowered as l felt his lips on mine..

He then carried me as we rushed to the hospital.


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