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END SARS: An Open Letter To Yahoo Boys(Internet Fraudsters) – A Must Read


Dear Yahoo boys,

I hope you know the campaign to END SARS is not for you.

I hope you know the blood of the innocent persons killed by these SARS people are on your hands too because you’re the ones who got us into this mess in the first place.

I hope you know you’re the cause of the rampant bullying & extortion by these SARS people because you portrayed an image displaying all Nigerian youth as fraudsters.

Dear Yahoo boys, you maybe smoking & jubilating right now, thinking you’ve escaped justice. I just want to tell you, the EFCC will hunt y’all down one after the other.

Justice will be served like how y’all serve weed in parties.

And most importantly, God will punish you.

The tears of the people you’ve scammed, the innocent persons killed because of y’all, the money stolen from people in the name of ‘we’re looking for fraudsters’, the sweat & energy of the people protesting.

Nah y’all won’t escape! Justice is coming!

©️Igwemma Chuka

#EndSARS!! – De9jaSpirit

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