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Encounter With The Customer Care Lady – Season 1- Episode 9


Me : Keji what’s the problem. who are you shouting with on my phone?

Keji : Is it not one stupid girl she said her name is tope ,who is tope?is she your lover?

Me : Yes.

Keji : So you already had a lover and you didn’t let me know all this while.

Me : I can explain !sit let’s talk .

Keji : what are we talking about moreover you had a fiancee ! You didn’t want to tell me yesternight because of the enjoyment you want to have .

Me : No just sit let me tell you what happened !

Keji : what did you want to tell me what happened the lies you gave to me yesternight ,you want to tell another no I can’t take this from you Ok?Bye and this is the last time we see

*Omo water fell off my eyes because the love I have for these girl is more than Mtope ooo *

Me : Please wait! Please….

*Took her bag and left *

See as I dey pursue this girl for street begging like say I had no other option Na lie ooo*she was just shouting at me the disgrace was too much in the Estate guys started to laugh at me even girls wey dey Eye me they laugh me
*What do they think sef me Mtcheew I was just coming and boned them on ma way to the beer parlour they knew it was rear for me getting to the bear parlour early morning I just kept my phone on the table it was ringing I checked it ,it was tope *oloshi* continued drinking because I ordered bottles of orIgin I didn’t know what happened till I opened myeyes on my bed around 8:16 sha*

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Kunle: (Kunle is my area nigga but we are very close)Guy nawa for you oo why did you just get yourself drunk like that it is unsual of you.

Me : wo bone am jare !

Kunle : well your girlfriend just commot here.

Me : Keji?

Kunle : which one be keji keji kor keta ni na Tope come here.

Me : tope .

*Pinched myself if I was still sleeping*

Me : kunle which one dey do you which tope ?

Kunle : You dey craze how many tope you get you just drunk see as the girl they cry.

*She was crying*

Me : why was she crying na?

Kunle : when you were doing like somebody that is death is coming sooner.

Me : nawa for you oo.

*Picked up ma phone and called her*

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