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Encounter With The Customer Care Lady – Season 1- Episode 8

As I checked the text Message I saw this
*Abbey have finally set up my mind now have been in love with your from your first appearance but I don’t want to hurt your feelings I Love You and Nobody can change it I LOVE YOU*

“SHUOOOO. See me see problem oo this girl as accepted my offer and have seen my old girl friend mixture of Happiness and sadness. Keji noticed my mood change”

Keji : Abbey what’s wrong with you?

Me :[/B] Nothing!!!

*Should I tell this girl what’s happening Taaaa this one no love me again na J0yst!ck she want *

Keji : am following you to your house this night this night!

*Ehn ehn that’s what she wants and am gonna give it to her me way conji don dey my bodi I would see what to calm my body with all this beer*

” We got to my home something about 12:30am sha I was I just oned the tape which played some soul food tired and just fell to the bed”

Keji : ehn you shey kini you should dedicate this night for me ooo! It seems you need some stroke becos I can’t wait for you d**k to get in my pun*y.

*She jumped to the bird it was all this nylon three quarter I wore it was an easy acces to my J0yst!ck*

*So na so conji they take do do girls*
*She just brought out my J0yst!ck giving it a smooth stroking the stroking was going on “Your J0yst!ck is now bigger than how I left it oo” “Lol” and I was just giving a little m0an chai it has been long oo. She stopped while I was just still feeling great with the easy blues coming out from the tape she just used her tongue on the cap of my J0yst!ck I jerked she laughed *

Keji : I need Your Love again .

Me : Yes Yes I miss you seriously

Keji : ok .I Love You.
*It was getting hot and I told her I was cumming it was as if I gingered the motion I her omo See hard mouth action chai a minute later I just Pour into. Her mouth she just went to the toilet to clean up her mouth. *

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*Ha me I must enter this thing today either se likes it or not*

*She was coming back and my J0yst!ck was now soft She still brought it up and stroking I told her it is Ok It is time I work on her*
-she just pulled all what she wore now we are both Unclad I just made her on the bed and she was on the L shape Using my tongues to tease her Tips She jerked because I could remeber her week Points sha using my Left hand to sq££ze the left b0s0m and sU-Cking the second seriously she was m0an!ng as iff ha Sounds like ”Umm, I miss you ,haa ”

Maybe she was trying to encourage me ni now shifted moved my left middle finger into her punny teasing her cl*t it was tight I knew these girl didn’t bang any guy since she left me I was so happy now stroking my fingers in and out in and out she was just moving left wright up down she was pleading as if she wanted me to stop all the bed was just wet I stopped now brought. Out a condom before I knew it she grabbed my J0yst!ck”

Keji : what are you trying to do?

Me : Put in a protection!!

Keji : For Your lover do I look like an ashew !!

Me : noo.
*Laps wide open*

Keji : Common get in!
* I Jumped on the bed inserted my J0yst!ck into hers stroking gently because it was still tight gently gently gently She was m0an!ng “harder Harder Harder” seems she wants it harder she dosent want care then the last power Grinding in faster faster faster like usain Bolt Hai se m0an!ng for grand style “Haaaaaa huuuuu iiiiiii nooooo stttttoooooppp nnnnooooo doooonnttt haaaaa ” after 10mins I Pour she Pour also because fluids came out when she was shouting Haaaa like say she want to shoki .We went to toilet bath together I change the bedsheeet then we slept off*

*Waking early momo I saw Keji shouting at somebody with my pohne “don’t ever”*

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