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Encounter With The Customer Care Lady – Season 1- Episode 7

* I tried Calling Back But No She didn’t pick, Many thoughts came to my mind likr should I go to visit I said No it was 11:30PM and I slept Off in The morning I just saw a text*

*Abbey GoodMorning sorry for not picking your calls I know how it would feel I don’t want to hurt your feelings please let’s be friends*

“Which Kind friends Be Dat One?”

I resend a text message
*Tope why are you treating the person that love you like this you said you don’t want to hurt my feelings why don’t you love Me! Give it a try please!*

“I called here phones she wasn’t picking wo let me go take beer before I die o f thinking*
—My getting to Aso Rock where I want to go take 4Bottles on.

Entering I just jammed Someone by turning to say sorry it was my former girlfriend which we lost contact a year ago she didn’t know my new appartment—

Me : ha sorry ma.
*Facing back parking up the things that I wanted to help her by facing her it was “Morenikeji” But people shorten it as keji her friends call her missK*

Keji : Abbey?

Me : Keji?
*We hugged *

Keji : were have you been?

Me : were you left us na ,abi(Hahaha)

Keji : Serious oo where have you been all these days ,have been searching for you most of your people don’t know where you her why?

Me : I just needed a little Privacy ,U know?

Keji : Your girlfriends is also removed from your Privacy

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Me : Nooo ,let leave that story what are you doing here?

Keji : ha see question I do stay here with my sister in working here ok.

*Keji Keji keji wan bi bayii ni sinyii oo(Come here now)*

Keji : Are you still here?
Me Yes na you don’t trust me I would still take 6bottles before I go away from here

Keji : I can’t just wait to see your abs.

Me : Ok Ok Go to your aunty.
*I was just on My Third Bottle when this girl came to me started gisting the. Worst part there is I saw a scene there whereby there were armed robbers there they wanted to be high before they go for robbery before we knew it SAS(Special Anti Robbery Squad) just entered as they entered *

Sas : Hello everyone we are not here to disturb any of you we are just here on information let’s make our research and get out of here.

*My mind rest small because I no say sas no bad force the fit start to they fire everyboy and ah never ready to die this life sweet they searched every where and they got to a table where big guys where they searched there bags they saw guns they shot there legs straight took them away*

*Hmm back to the chart as this girl they tell me say she miss me she never colect J0yst!ck na hime Text Enter My Phone Na Tope *

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