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Encounter With The Customer Care Lady – Season 1- Episode 12 [Season 1 Completed]

Me : This is tosin if am seeing this well.
*Handed it to Tope*

Tope : Tosin Yes he is Could he do such why would he do such act huuh he is disgusting!!!!

Topes dad: Oh you mean it is that stupid Tosin I would make sure he rots in jail.

Tope : Yes dad he should!

Dpo : So you mean you identify the person on these present idCard.

Tope : Yes he his my former Boyfriend.

Keji : Please sir can you free me now seems you have got the real person.

Sergeant : noo you. Would still be with us here till we make good researches about it who may guess if it was a setup by a person.

Keji : Please sir I can’t do that tell them Abbey You know I can’t do that please let them let me go

Me : Nooo I don’t know anything oo I don’t.

Dpo : Take this lady back Provide her foods Okay?

Sergeant : Yes sir.Madame Let’s Go.

Keji : Abbey Please don’t Let Them Take me back please I am dying here.

Tope : Another day you won’t make silly promises tcheeeew.

Dpo : Hello sergeant set to go for an arrest you would need to go to the counter for the address and other info.

Topes dad : Okay Dpo I would call you at night Okay.

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Dpo : Ok sir.

*Hmm Dpo still they call person sir where we go con put ourown Tosin don die *

They got to tosins house and the saw another blackbuster*

He was caught arranging his luggages into his car .

Police : You are Underarrest anything you say may affect you in the court of law

Tosin : What did I do .

Police: you would answer that. Later underarrest!!

Police : sergeant search those luggages .

Sergeant : Ok Sir .

Sergeant : Yes sir there is a gun in this luggages.

Police : You see you would surely rot in jail.

* He was arrested *

*To cut it short Keji was release Tosin charged attempt Muderer 15years direct. And I was Know earning 350monthly With my personal car with tope Living together happily Know the happiness there was When Keji husband came back I was too employ him but he didn’t have too much requirement they later came to beg me with there aunty suprised and I said *

Me : That wretched boy is know rich .
*Hahaha encounter with the customer care Lady Made Me rich You can’t predict how God wants to show your happiness you need more stories call Abbeyclassiclee(07067479186 or pin BBM 22C6EA61 )

*****THE END*****

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