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Encounter With The Customer Care Lady – Season 1- Episode 11

*waking up Early Morning it was at thr hospital I was shot in the leg huuh it hurts*

Tope: sorry still rest.

*With happiness*

Tope : Daddy ,Daddy he is awake!!

*Topesdad ,doctor and police entered*
Tope’sdad:Sorry my son how are you know.

Doctor : You need to rest please lye down.

Me : what happened here because am confused.

Tope : When I was coming I heard a gunshot and it was from the junction so I called the police that something his happening at the junction the nearest police got there and I was fast approaching them I saw them carrying you I shouted your name and they said I do I know you they just shot your leg and you are unconcious.

Me : Haaa who did I offend why.

Doctor : there is nothing wrong with your leg in three to four days it would be relieved and you should walk.

Police : Mr abbey sorry.did you recognize the person that shot you

Me : hummm No.

Police : Did you quarell with anybody before leaving home?

Me : Huuuum Yes!

Police : Who?

Me : Keji my former girlfriend.

Police : Sergent francis set the arrest for keji .

Police : thank you Mr abbey we would need the adress from you .

Me : No problem!

*i gave them the address and they went*

Tope’sdad : Sorry ok we caused this I won’t let the person go scot free .

Tope : Yes dad the person must rot in jail Dad,

Me : Its not the problem I pray I would be able to walk again!!

Topes dad : You would, tope told me all about you she said you need a job and an appartment I would do that sooner before these week runs out.

Me : Thank You sir

Tope : Thanks dad.

Tope’sdad : Hope you are not a player because I don’t want my daughter to be played with.

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Me : No sir I don’t do that.

Tope : Yes dad I trust him .

Tope’sdad : wait what about tosin?

Tope : I don’t even know where he his tcheeew…

Tope’sdad : are you guys not inlove together again.

Tope : Dad that guy his just disgusting we are not more together.

Me : Yes sir that guy is a lion he gets angry with everything he slaps her anyhow shout at her,and a lady is not supposed to be treated that way.

Tope’s dad: Ok God Bless you two.

Chorus : Amen ooo.

*Three days later I was okay and discharged as the doctor said now walking but not well and at Topes house*

*Police. Came in*

Police : Keji is not responding maybe you guys need to see her.

*We all chorused ok we dressed Up Getting there sitting at the Dpo’s office Keji was brought in*

Keji : Abbey please help me I don’t know anything about what they are questioning me here oo please with tears .
*She has been tortured*
Me : Keji Why did you send people to Kill me after all the pleading what did I do wrong?
Keji : it was just an angry talk just to scare you away from me please I don’t mean no harm.
*A sergeant entered*

Sergeant : Yes sir (With salute) We saw an implicating thing where that occurence happened.

*All Eyes where faced on that seargent as he said so we all open our mouth and said what*

Dpo: so what is that?

Sergeant : It was a driverslicense it was in the gutter near It

Dpo : Ok letme see Okay check if you can recognize this person
*I collected it *

Me : Oh what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
*Seeing this person was the horrible thing I could ever believe*

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