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Encounter With The Customer Care Lady – Season 1- Episode 10

Me : Hello.

Tope : hmmmm(Relieves) How his your body now.

Me : its better

Tope : don’t just get drunk again like that.

Me : It wasn’t purposely done!

Tope : Wait sef who was that fool shouting at me this morning on your phone.

Me : Me my phone was switched off through out this morning maybe you were redirected to another place .

*Hmm chai if she gree this lie na sure jackpot ooo*

Tope :[/B] Maybe so why were you drunk .

Me : Because of my life am I just going to keep staying at home no money no rest always thinking.

Tope : ahhhh I feel for you oo don’t worry in time I would get a house were we would stay and I would get a job for you Don’t worryand did you see my text?

Me : No!

Tope : check your inbox I really mean all in the texts check it !!I love you!!

Kunle : Oga ade you don win jackpot oo!

Me : Na your wahala be that .
*But in me I still love keji*
(Kunle left)

*This people don dress me up sha I forgot to ask Kunle maybe she didn’t see my J0yst!ck well don’t let me go to another Journey in thoughts*

*I just got my self dressed Up Yeah it is time to go apologize to Keji*

“Getting to AsoRock on sunday chai I thought they said sunday was repentance day but hell no sunday for Aso Rock Na sinners day”

*In getting there I met that her aunty*

Me : Sorry Ma.

Aunty : Yes how may I help you?
Me : You have forgotten me I was the one keji introduced to you yesternight .

Aunty : Ok Ok how as everything been
Me : Fine has keji been doing well with you?

Aunty : Yes yes since are fiancee left she has been with me and helping me .

Me : Fiancee?

Aunty : Yes.
* see as the woman to be blaberring ask one question double answers, Nawa oo*

Me : Whereas where is Keji herself?

Aunty ; she is coming ok.

Me : Alright.

*Not upto 6Minutes Keji Just Entered*

Keji : Aunty motide bawoloja*Mean aunty am back how is market*

Aunty : Well fine..

Me : Keji?

Keji : EhnEhn What do you want?

Me : Can we talk ?

Me : Can we talk ?

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Keji : Talk No Problem?
*I drew her to the back of the shop*

Me : Keji I don’t understand your plans what are you exploiting?

Keji : Meaning?

Me : What are you insinuating;you never told me you have a fiancee.

Keji : so?

Me : Why would you just send my girlfriend away like that and what was the S£x for!

Keji : EhnEhn so after you left me with all the things you collected from me you think you can go scot free I just pursued your girlfriend;am still having a big trap for you !!

Me : You are very wicked oo,what did I take from you which is not normal in a relationship abi?

Keji: well it is not normal for that S£x I just had the little out of my things you betrayer!!! Wretched fool..

Me : Haaaa!

Keji : You better get out of here before I treat your fu-Ckup .

Me : Ok oo am sorry if I had done any wrong Bye.

*Mehn serious thing oo because all what she’s saying here is a flimpsy excuse which kind maltreat be that one.*

Me : (saying to her)Devil.
*Brought out my phone Dialed topes number*

Me : Hello Love!!

*We don approve ourselves. Niyen*

Tope : Hello sweety,so how are you know?

Me : Am fine I seem depressed can you come over to my place?

Tope : Huhhh you know I still came there today why don’t you come to my place.

Me : Haaa Your Place?

Tope : Yes now!!

Me : Soldiers house me I no fit try that one ooo!

Tope : (Hahaha) My dad is back from travelling and he said he wants to see you!

Me : Ehn !!Hope no problem sha?

Tope : No problem,he even wants to talk to you.

Me: haaa!!

TopesDad : Hello

Me : Hell ‘ll’o s’I”I’rr.
*Shaking voice*

TopesDad : Don’t be afraid my daughter as explained everything about you to me Please I would like to see you.

Me : Ok sir am on my way

Tope : so where should I pick you

Me : That Your Junction

Tope : Ok expecting You.
*I dressed up got to the junction called her I was there and it was another case *

Gunshot so I fell because I was afraid but I was shot to me I fell and felt unconsious*

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