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Emotan – Season 1 – Episode 4 [Completed]

Episode 4



Emotan felt sorry for her Father for the first time in her life. ‘She’s pregnant?’ ‘Yes, Daddy’. ‘Your Mother is pregnant?’ ‘Yes, Daddy’. ‘I want to talk to her’. ‘She’s sleeping right now. I will ask her to call you when she wakes up’. There was a heavy silence, before he finally spoke. ‘Okay, okay’. Her Father sounded like a boulder had been dropped on his head.

Emotan ended the call and rubbed her eyes, then she turned to look at her mother seated beside her who was wide awake, looking lost in thought. ‘Mummy, fasten your seat belt’. ‘Oh okay. Thank you my dear’. Her mother fastened her seatbelt and then rubbed her stomach, smiling.


The cabin crew on the flight to Abuja were carrying out their final checks before take-off. Emotan had impulsively decided that her mother should come back to Abuja with her to think things through, and to avoid strangling Aunty Evarista in her sleep. Her mother’s mood had improved dramatically, and Emotan had changed her own return flight from Sunday to Saturday, and booked a seat for her mother as well.

Emotan watched distractedly as their plane taxied down the runway, wondering what her Father’s reaction would be when he found out that she had absconded with his pregnant wife to Abuja.



The End.

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