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Emotan – Season 1 – Episode 3

Episode 3


Emotan stared at him, and turned to look at Ms. Ezomo who had just walked past them into the kitchen. She was wearing a blue wrapper and white blouse. Her blouse was see-through; her white bra was visible. Emotan looked back at her Father, who shifted his gaze from hers, looking sheepish. She was about to ask her Father what kind of care Ms. Ezomo was providing to him when her phone rang. It was her cousin, Omo. ‘Sis, Good Afternoon. Your Mum is ill. My mother said you should come over now’.



‘You’re so fat now, how will any man like you like this?’ was Aunty Evarista’s greeting to Emotan when she got to her house on Ekenwan Road. A few years ago, it had been ‘you’re so skinny, no man will like you like this’.


Aunty Evarista was consistent in her inconsistencies. ‘Good Afternoon Aunty’, Emotan said through gritted teeth as she stepped back from their embrace. ‘Please, where is my Mother?’ ‘She’s in the room. It’s good that you are here. Come’. She turned around and Emotan dragged her feet behind her, admiring the patterns on her Aunt’s kaftan but also wondering what was wrong with her Mother.




‘I’m pregnant’. Emotan stared at her mother blankly. ‘I’m sorry, what?’ ‘I’m pregnant’, repeated her mother. Many thoughts raced through Emotan’s mind. Her mother was 49 years old, so pregnancy was not impossible.


But…her parents were having sex? Those two people? Seriously? ‘Mummy…I’m confused’. ‘Oh, my dear, don’t be’. Her Mother’s eyes were unfocused, darting left and right, but her skin was smoother than Emotan had even seen it.


With her unkempt hair, she looked like a crazy person with good skin. ‘You’re an adult so you should know these things…your Father and I had not been intimate in almost 5 years, until recently. Your Aunty said I should seduce him; that maybe it would make him less angry with me all the time’.

‘Evelyn, I said that you should sleep with your husband; I didn’t say you should get pregnant’ quipped Aunty Evarista. Emotan’s Mother glared at her sister, adjusted her wrapper on her chest and then continued speaking. ‘I don’t want to bring up a child with him again. I’m tired. Osamudiamen will soon go for his Youth Service.

I have some money saved up. I’ve taken indefinite leave from work. I will rent a place. I’m even happy that he brought that woman into the house…’ Emotan watched her mother make new life plans whilst she stared at her, dumbstruck. ‘I will move on with my life. Don’t worry about me’.

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