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Ekaette The Cheerful Giver (+18) – Season 1 – Episode 6

episode 6 Mrs Abraham: Is that Ekaette? Me: Yes it’s me! Mrs Abraham: Oh my God! Come here Sweet-heart. I missed you so much. Since the day your dad caught us and fired me, i tried catching back with you but all to no avail. I missed you so much Dearie. Me: I missed you Hun. Are you married now? I asked Mrs Abraham: Yes Dearie. I’m Mrs Abraham. Here’s my Husband, Mr Abraham. He’s a Judge to the customary court in VI Lagos. Mr Abraham: Mrs Abraham is obviously very happy to see you Ekaette. Aunt Agnes and Ekaette hugged each other for few moments, felt warm and happy reconnecting again. When Mrs Abraham extended her hand to greet Ekaette, She wasn’t sure if she should shake her or not, considering where it had been. Ekaette looked at her hand. It was covered in her cookie juices. Me: I suppose i did not have a choice. I would be licking her in a minute anyway. she said to herself. She extended her hand and shook her. Mrs Abraham: Come here Ekaette, please take off your clothes and let’s get something started here. She asked Aunt Agnes snatched Mr Abraham from his ex wife, Funke. She has excellent c–k-licking skills. She was banging Mr Abraham while she was working as an employee in his court where Mr Abraham sat as a judge. Mr Abraham was attracted to her the first time they met until he asked her out, experienced the goodies in her cookie, he wouldn’t go back to his wife. Instead, he married Aunt Agnes afterwards. Obviously, Aunt Agnes is bisexual. This will be first time i’m having threesomes, hopefully i enjoyed it. Me: Are you going to join us? I asked Mr Abraham as my bra fell to the floor, exposing a pair of large bre:asts. “I would like you to bang me “HARD” from behind as i lick your wife’s cookie”. Mr Abraham: That is not a problem Love. Mr Abraham said as i took off the last piece of clothing that i still had on (my panties). Mr Abraham: However, i’d like to have my JT s—-d by my wife first. Once my JT is rock hard, i will get into position and bang you from behind just as you like it. Me: Greeeaatt! I can’t wait. I said as i tied my hair and got onto the bed, ready to lick Mrs Abraham well-shave hairless cookie Her Cookie was already extremely wet. Mrs Abraham: I have c-m several times today already by touching myself. Mrs Abraham said as i moved my mouth towards her cookie. “Can you please make me c-m some more?” she begged Me: I’ll do all that i can to please you. I assured Mrs Abraham before i started my functions. I parted her outer lips of her cookie and concentrated on her cl!t. Mrs Abraham definitely had a very high se:x drive. Within a minute of my lips and tongue coming into contact with her cookie, she started having her umpteenth o—-m of the day. I kept licking her cookie and she kept moaning loudly as she had one o—-m after the other. i paused for a moment and saw Mr Abraham kneeling on the bed with his c–k in his wife’s mouth. His eyes were closed and his face was pointing towards the ceiling of the bedroom. He was definitely getting a lot of pleasure. Mr Abraham: Time to bang you from behind now. he said when he felt that he was ready. He got off the bed and picked up a condom from the table in the bedroom. I did not stop what i was doing all along (licking Mrs Abraham). As soon as Mr Abraham finished putting on the condom, he stuck his JT up my ass and started banging me. I stopped pleasuring his wife for a few seconds as his JT entered my cookie. It was so pleasurable! Me: Bang me harder! I screamed as Mr Abraham banged me from behind. After he had been banging me for a while, he bent down so that our torsos were almost parallel to each other. He then grabbed my neck and pulled my hair. He knew exactly what to do to make the whole experience a lot more pleasurable. He kept whispering in my ear. I could not hear anything that he was saying but i did not care! Mr Abraham banged me from behind for a couple of minutes until he came inside me. All three of us rested for a while until we were ready to bang again. Mrs Abraham’s legs were in the air as her husband pounded her mercilessly. She was soon having another o—-m and moaning as loud as ever. It was a wonderful sight to perceive. After his second o—-m, we all had another rest, this time for a bit longer. We had more se’x until it was nearly midnight. The Abrahams were very grateful that i turned up. I left their home just after midnight – but not before agreeing to meet again. We all had lots of fun. It’s been 8 days since Kemi went missing. Kemi is my niece, the daughter to Aunt Sandra (My mom’s younger sibling). Aunt Sandra’s husband, Uncle James is 42 while his wife is 40. I dashed out to their location upon hearing the sad news looking out for their missing child, Kemi. I’ve always be finding Uncle James attractive especially the first time we met at their engagement party but i didn’t act on my feelings. I decided staying with them for few days just to be sure everyone is fine and ok. Initially, Uncle James was nice and he was just a normal In-Law everyone would wish for. After few couple days, he started behaving funny towards me. He would touch my bum, and sometimes he would pretend it was a mistake, then, he would touch my brea:sts. One day, we sat outside hoping to get the good news of kemi, yet to be found. Everyone was informed about her missing status including the officers at the nearest Police Station. All of a sudden, Uncle James went outside to his car and i followed just be sure he’s ok and not trying to do anything stupid, like commiting suicide or something of such nature. Uncle James: i’m really glad you followed me, as that’s what i wanted Me: You are welcome Uncle. You know you guys problem is also my own problem. So we are on this together. Kemi must surely be found Uncle James needed petrol to drive some wellwishers home afterwards and asked if i wanted to go for a drive in his new car. Uncle James: Do you mind going with me to Fuel-Station and get some gas? i just noticed the fuel is near End on the gauge. Me: Why not? Sure i will follow you We drove out of town instead to the nearest fuel station as agreed. We got to a bushy kinda location and Uncle James parked at one scene. He parked up and kissed me. Uncle James: Are you ready? Me: Ready for what?

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