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Ekaette The Cheerful Giver (+18) – Season 1 – Episode 5

episode 5 It was Aunt Agnes! Aunt Agnes: “Let me see,” she said, moving past me like she had not just caught me with my fingers in the cookie jar. As she stood at the door way her eye to the crack I looked her over. Agnes is so blessed with perfect completion, black hair, average sized brea:sts, quite cute. She of course was dressed in the maid uniform which is a norm in our house for every maid. She watched at the crack for about a minute while I stood there trying to force away my embarrassment at being caught. Turning back she said in a low voice. Aunt Agnes: Nkiru looks great, have a look again; I think she is about to c-m. She encouraged me Me: What? Aunt Agnes, but that was too bad? I formed innocent Not knowing what else to do I put my eye back to the crack. Aunt Agnes was right about Nkiru, she was starting into the throws of another o—-m. The sight of her cumming again sent another gush of juices to my own cookie. I still had needs that had yet to be met. As I watched Nkiru, my hand crept back under my skirt. I was too far gone to let the fact that Aunt Agnes was there to stop me. As my fingers entered my wet slit I felt a pair of hands reach around and start to undo the buttons on my blouse. Aunt Agnes quickly undid all the button then helped me removed my blouse. She then undid my bra and removed it too. My fingers went back to my cookie as she reached around and caressed my bre:asts, one in each hand as she left a wet trail of kisses across my shoulders and neck. I was transfixed now, watching Nkiru next door banging herself with her pink d—o, my own fingers in my cookie and Aunt Agnes playing with my bre:asts, I was so turned on, it was like I had a river running out of me. I started into another o—-m When I finally subsided a bit, Aunt Agnes took me to the nearest room, pulled me over to the bed and pushed me down. She moved between my thighs and pushed up my skirt exposing that extremely wet cookie of mine. She moved in and started licking and s—–g. Her tongue flicked across my cl!t, first gently, then harder. Me: Oh yeah! Thank you Aunt Agnes. This is lovely. I soft-moaned Aunt Agnes: Mmmmm… (she was soft-moaning too as she was busy playing with my cl!t) She then dipped down pushing her tongue as far as she could inside me. Moving back up she slipped my nub between her lips and s—-d, sending me into an immediate o—-m. Me: yeeeee! Oh LaaawwwrrDD.. Please don’t stop! You will kill me today. Please don’t stop! I begged for more She continued to lick nibble and s–k bring me to multiple orgasms, I don’t know how many I was just lost in the feeling of the moment. Finally I pushed her away. She had given me some fantastic orgasms and I knew that I had to reciprocate. I told her to lie down and as I removed her skirt and panties. She undid her blouse and slid her bra up and over her brea;sts. All I could think about right now was tasting her juices. Me: I love you Aunt Agnes. I didn’t know when i confessed that Aunt Agness: oohh yeah. she said slowly, then nodded in agreement I moved in, giving some tentative licks. She grabbed the back of my head with one hand and ground my face and tongue into her gooey slit. I relished in the taste, the texture, the heat. I did my best, tonguing her cl!t, diving my tongue deep inside her, s—–g her and was rewarded with an o—-m. I continued eating her cookie like a ravenous wolf, devouring her, bringing her to yet another o—-m. I laid back, exhausted, but satisfied. What an experience. Me: Pheeewww! I tried catching some breath. I heard the sound as a hand touched the door knob, I could hear it unlock. Slowly, the door was opened suddenly. Waaris happening here? came a male voice at the door entrance. He came in, stood with his back pressed to the wall on one side of the door. My stomach flipped, my mouth went dry and I could hear my heart pounding in my ears. We were caught in the act. Choi, I froze….

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