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Edna – Season 2 Episode 2

Two eyes were looking at me…
Whose were they?
Everyone had already gone on break…
I thought I was alone until I saw some eyes staring at me… but who was it?
My head was on my locker as I was having serious stomach ache- maybe it was my period that was coming or something, I didn’t know at all
The students after about a month of bullying me because of my skinny haircut and calling me different nicknames have stopped since my hair had started growing again.
I still led in every subjects in class as my intelligence was natural
Not that I read or practiced Maths much- it was just luck!
But who was staring hard attempts me?
I tried to shift in the chair that I was seated in and supported my side with my bag
I looked to my right and there he was- Jean!
My heart danced like a rubber bounce!
The look on his face….
What was that?
/> Care?
What was that exactly?
“Everyone thinks you are weird recently” he said eventually and I looked at him, not knowing how to talk to him
My mouth was filled with saliva- fever symptom
“But I don’t think that way. I think that there is more to your recent wildness” he said in his ‘ tush’ accent and my heart jumped the more
Did he mean it?
Was he going to tell me about Jesus too?
If he could successfully say whatever it was that he wanted to say without touching me in a way of petting or mentioning the name Jesus, there would be no problem
But if any of the blunders is committed….
Akoi wahala sose! (There would be big problem)
“Could you tell me what is wrong?” he asked and I blinked severally
For real?
Someone wanted an explanation?
And he expected an answer?
Never would those words fall out of my mouth
The day I say those words would be the day I would die, I swear!
“If you don’t want to tell me, then don’t tell me. But, let’s be friends” he said, stretching his hands towards me
Fresh hands tho!
Nice brown skin!
The friendship I so wanted was being offered me on a platter of gold
I smiled
I had to say something to this guy but my mouth was saliva-filled
He stood up and went to our bag shelf.
He checked through his bag and brought out a roll of tissue paper.
He took an ample size and walked swiftly to my side
I looked at the tissue paper
“What?” I signaled with my hand
“There is spittle in your mouth. Throw it here please” he said as he tried to help me up
He touched my shoulders as he did
He had aroused the devil in me!
But I was weak
What punishment could I give him for this?
With one of his hands on my shoulder and another trying to adjust my bag, I released the imprisoned, warm spit on his hand and he jumped up as he left my bag
“What was that? That was why I brought tissue paper Mercy! What’s all these? What?” he asked, irritation written boldly on his face
I looked away
“That would tell you never to touch me anyhow” I said weakly and he looked at me, shocked
“I was just trying to be nice, as a friend” he said again, cleaning my dirt off his hand with the tissue paper and I shook my head
“We aren’t friends” I said and he looked into my face, hurt
“Really” he said, widening his eyes
“Really!” I replied him
I was not worth his friendship
Not when I had become a sex doll to someone who I called father!
“Now I get it. You know how many people wanna be my friends but hadn’t given them a bit of attention? You ain’t even appreciative at all and all I could get was a bit of your shit? Gosh!” he said, loudly
No matter the boldness and ‘I don’t Care’ attitude he wore, I knew he was deeply hurt and I was very sad.
He had turned his back at me and had started going when I wanted to call him
He looked back just then
But he talked first and what he said, killed me totally!
“No wonder they call you Messy Mercy!” he said, hissed and walked out of the class.
I was broken!
I was crushed!
I was shattered!
It was as if my whole world had come crashing down.
I was stuck for some minutes, blinking so hard as tears ran down my face
I picked up my note and pen and jotted down as I did everyday
“I just don’t worth Jean’s friendship! I am filthy and dirty that saying yes to his friendship proposal would even be a sin! But who would understand my predicament? Nobody! But he broke my heart! He just joined the bandwagon to call me Messy Mercy!
I was very pained
As the beast in me roared so high, I stood up, carried my locker and straight at the wall, I banged it hard, screaming hard as I did
As the heavy, metal locker came crashing down, I fell on it too and screamed loudly
As I grew weak and fainted gradually, I heard some movements
“Mummy” I heard Jean’s voice as he screamed
I heard some hasty footsteps
“Jesus!” a woman screamed too as she came closer, pulled me and held me close to her chest
It was Jean’s mother- our proprietress!
“Pack all her books in her bag and let’s take her to the clinic. She is bleeding” she said and my ears became duller
“Jesus! Bleeding? See her uniform…oh Lord!” Jean exclaimed too
Why would I be bleeding?
Maka why?
She lifted me up and seemed to look back
“Let’s go this boy” she said and started moving again
She stopped suddenly and looked back
“Wait! You just put a book inside now. Bring it out” she said and I think he obliged
“Something is written behind it…read” she said and he started reading it
I started wriggling in her hands if I could get down and collect the book from him
I never would want anybody to read that!
But the more I tried was the more I fainted!
But he broke my heart!
Those were the last words I heard him read before I finally passed out
…..I wished never to wake up again!

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