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Duplicate Bond – Episode 3

Duplicate Bond

Duplicate Bond

Nathan grew up and became heartless and bitter, he doesn’t give a damn about the feeling of anybody, he was heartless and a bitter young man. He managed to graduate from the university because there’s so much pressure mounted on him by his mother to be strong, perfect and fearless and not to be like his useless father. Nathan always appeared emotionless and tough but deep down he wished his mother could stop being so hard on him. “It’s not my fault that I looked just like my Father” he always told himself.

Even though Sandra made sure Nathan never lacked anything, when he was still a Teenager, he had more than two cars of his own and a huge amount of money was transferred to his personal bank account by her mother every week but thier bond was delicate.

Their relationship was too strange, Sandra never compliment or applaud Nathan whenever he wins or did something right but whenever he misbehaved, she is too quick to remind him of how useless and wicked he is, just like his father

This always shattered Nathan’s heart into tiny pieces and left him deranged. He tried his possible best to make his mother understand how bad she treated him but all efforts was fruitless.

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This left him devastated, broken and hurt. He grew up and he hated “Love”, “Marriage”, “Birthdays” and any feelings at all, He was heartless, he was incapable of loving anyone not even himself.

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He played with people’s emotions, in the university he used girls and dumped them.

He was a law student, After he graduated from university and law school, he graduated as one of the best students and was called to Bar shortly afterwards. He never loses any case, he puts his mind into winning. He was a ruthless lawyer and winning was always sure for him.

With all these victories, one would think that Nathan was a happy and fulfilled young man, but it’s sad that the reverse was the case. Nathan was still angry with himself, with his parents and with life; he hated everyone, he was so bitter, even as an accomplished lawyer, that couldn’t stop him from hating himself.

A lot of people feared and respected him due to his uncountable court victories. But he feared his mother, Even as a grown up son,his mother’s Words still affects him,

he always felt rejected and useless around his mother and he always danced to her tunes.

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Everything remained the same until he met Lucy.

One-day, Nathan’s client senator Evans referred his beautiful daughter Lucy to the almighty attorney Nathan, To see if he could help his daughter win a very tough court case, when Lucy met Nathan She was very discouraged because she knew that it was not possible for her to the win the court case. She was sued and everything was not in her favour, she may go to jail if Nathan loses the case.

“Don’t get discouraged, we will win this case and you will be heavily compensated, don’t give up, I know what I could do to win this case, it just a breached contract , I know what can be done” Nathan told the senator’s daughter “Are you sure? ” Lucy asked

“Trust me, I have never lost a case” Nathan bragged ”

There are three kinds of lawyers; Firstly, Those who know the law, Secondly, those who know the judge, Thirdly, those who knows the law and knows the judge. Nathan knows the law and he knows the judge, he had never failed his clients.

End of Episode 3

To be continued

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