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Drama Of The Heart – Season 3 – [Episode 1 – 6]

Drama of the heart

Drama of the heart

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Story Title: Drama Of The Heart

Episodes: 6

Category: 18+

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He saw Samantha sitting on a bench, with her headset on.  She was listening to music, mimicking Timmy’s habit. Timmy stared at her.  This was a new version of Samantha he was not acquainted with.

Samantha raised her head and her eyes locked with Timmy’s. For the second time that day, they stared at each other intensely. Every other thing became a blur. They looked at each other for so long, before Timmy realised that they had been in the starring competition for five minutes. He blinked rapidly, and turned to leave.

“No, Don’t. ” Samantha’s voice cut him short.

“Sit ” She added.

Timmy obliged to her request as he sat on the bench, creating a remarkable distance between them. Again, silence took over as they threw weird stares at each other.

Samantha couldn’t bear the silence anymore. She didn’t know why she called Timmy back, but she was not going to just watch the floor all day long. She was going to start a conversation, regardless of the outcome.

” Do you hate me? ” She asked.

The question took Timmy by surprise, as it was obvious to Samantha. He stared at her, wide eyed.

“Well, considering what you’ve done to me ever since we met, I should. ” Timmy replied, hoping his answer hit home.

“What exactly have I done to you? ” Samantha asked, her eyes twinkling with curiosity.

“You’re kidding right? ” Timmy asked and for some reason best known to them, they both smiled.

” No am not. ” Samantha replied. “I really want to know where I’ve wronged, cuz my conscience is killing me. ” Samantha spilled out.

She gasped the moment the words left her mouth. That was too much to tell.

“Well let me enlighten you. ” Timmy said, a flicker of rage in his eyes.

” You have humiliated me, destroyed my social life, even driven me away from being class captain. In fact, what haven’t you done? ” Timmy questioned.

Samantha looked at his eyes, and saw pain underneath.

“Why don’t we just start from the beginning. She suggested.

Timmy nodded, before speaking.

” I was still enjoying my life, being my usual cheerful self until you came in that day. I just walked over,and said ‘Hi’ in the most polite way ever, then I asked for your number-”

“There. ” Samantha interrupted. ” That’s just it. I mean who asks a girl for her number the moment he sees her? ” Samanthaasked.

“Sam, Calm down. ” Timmy said.

The way he called her ‘Sam’ made her shudder. People usually called her ‘Sammy’.

“You’ve been class captain for two years now.” Timmy said calmly.

“What do you do when a new student is introduced? ” He asked, this time he knew his point hit home.

“Get His name in full alongside his phone number. ” She replied.

Samantha’s eyes lit with surprise. It slowly began to unravel in her mind.

All this while, she had thought Timmy only wanted her number for personal purposes. But now, she realised he only wanted her number for the class diary. She shook her head in devastation. She had closed a chapter of her life, by doing what she did. What if she never yanked him away? Could they have been friends? Like him and Lisa, Or even more. She winced at the thought of her, wanting more than just friendship with Timmy.


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