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Drama Of The Heart – Season 2 – [Episode 1 – 5]

Drama of the heart

Drama of the heart

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Story Title: Drama Of The Heart

Episodes: 5

Category: 18+

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Timmy arrived home at around 2:30 pm. His driver parked the car and he jumped out of the car.He walked straight into the house after ascending the stairs. There was no one in sight, so he walked towards the stairs.

“Back from school? ” A. voice shot out from the kitchen.

Timmy knew that voice very well. His guardian angel when he was little. He ran into the kitchen and saw Olawale standing in front of the cooker. He ran to him and hugged him tightly.

“Ola You are back. Why didn’t you call me? ” Timmy beamed.

“I wanted to surprise you. ” Ola replied.

Timmy disengaged from him and looked at the cooker. Ola was preparing Jollof rice, to Timmy’s Joy. Ola cooker better than many girls he knew. The twins to be precise.

“How I’ve missed your cooking. ” Timmy said.

“Well don’t worry. Am off the hook for now. ” Ola replied.

“Okay. How was England. ” Timmy asked.

“Good. Nothing like home, but good. ” Ola replied. ” Now go freshen up. Then come down for lunch. ” He added.

Then Timmy went up the stairs then located his room. He tugged off his clothes and walked into the bathroom for a shower.

After shower, he went down and had lunch with his brother. They went out after That and had a good time.

Ola had been in England for six Years. It was really nice having him back. Besides, it was really getting lonely for him, since he was the only child at home. The twins and Darey were in school. I mean SCHOOL,  not school.

Celine was working in anambra. Did I say working, I meant managing her business. She had a very large boutique, with branches all over Nigeria.

So Timmy had to go to school and come back home to nothing and loneliness. Aside David, the only other thing that made him happy was Samantha. Sometimes, he enjoyed the look of frustration on her face. So you can imagine how his holiday was.

Timmy retired back to bed late. He had so much fun with Ola That he lost track of time. He slept soundly and woke up late the next day. The first time in history.

By late, I mean around 6:00 . He got ready and left for school after bading Ola goodbye multiple times.

When he arrived school, he met a few Students in class, including David. They were almost dressed alike. David wore a white trouser, Black longsleeve, White Jacket and Black toms. Timmy on the other hand, wore a White Jacket, Black Longsleeve, Black trouser and Black toms.

Timmy wasted no time in gisting David about Ola’s return and their ‘little’ outing. They discussed about many things until first class, Physics , started.

It seems I forgot to tell you That in Emerald High, There was no morning assembly. That only happened when there was an important news to pass.

The teacher, Mr Ajayi started teaching and 5 minutes into the class, Samantha walked in.

“At least its just 5 minutes today. ” David said after checking his watch, and everyone burst into laughter, including the teacher.

Then the class started proper. The teacher just did a minor introduction and talked more about the holidays. Soon it was second class, Maths. Sir Aigbe walked into the class and started teaching.

Halfway into the class, The principal, Mr Segun walked into the class with a girl. Everyone greeted in unison, including Sir Aigbe. Then he told the girl to introduce herself.

“Hello Everyone, Am Lisa. Lisa Fortune. ” She said.

Everyone in class listened with wrapped attention. She was chocolate skin, very tall, about 5’9 . She had the body of a diva and the carriage of a model.

Mr Defunct directed her to pick any seat of her choice. Then she walked to the back of the class and picked a seat, the closest seat to Timmy. After that, the principal left the class and the teacher continued his lesson. Teachers after teachers came into the class until it was break. Many of the girls walked out of the class, but some boys were still inside, secretly admiring Lisa, who was still inside the class.

Timmy felt a presence before him and he raised his head up. Behold, Lisa was standing there, smiling sheepishly.



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