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Drama Of The Heart – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 5]

Drama of the heart

Drama of the heart

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Story Title: Drama Of The Heart

Episodes: 5

Category: 18+

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Timmy woke up to the sun shining in his eyes. “Forgot to shut the window ” He thought.  Then he jumped out of bed and hurried into his bathroom, Rigging off his night wear as he jumped off.

“First day of school. ” He said as he took a Five minute shower. He rushed back into the room and dressed up speedily. He was two hours early for school, but he liked being in school before every other person, just for the quietness. He wore One of his numerous school uniforms. A white Longsleeve, Grey trousers, Grey suit jacket and a White toms. Everything he wore, had a badge which made them the school uniform, not the colour. He rushed downstairs, rushing quietly towards the hall. Then he swept across the large hall, heading towards the door.

“Skipping breakfast? ” Sharon, Timmy’s mom asked from inside the kitchen, sounding Tiny and Vibrant as always.

Timmy groaned inwardly. He wasn’t hungry, which was funny because he hadn’t eaten since the previous afternoon. The Joy of resuming school probably took his appetite.

“Yes Mom. ” He answered.

“Okay. But eat something before twelve okay. Love You ” Shesaid.

“Love you more. ” Timmy replied as he stepped out.

He located his car which his Dad bought for him on his sixteenth birthday, few months ago. Then he opened the back door and stepped in. Almost immediately, a driver opened the driversdoor and stepped in.

“Where to Sir? ” The Driver, Shehu asked.

“School of course. Don’t mind the time. ” Timmy replied. “And please stop calling me sir. ” He added. But He knew That was never going to happen.

“Okay Sir. ” Shehu replied and started the car. He drove out of the mansion and headed towards the school, while Timmy focused his gaze on the road.


Now, Here is a brief biography of Timmy. Timmy’s Father was a successful businessman, with different companies. His mom was a retired model. Both his parents were stinkily rich, and they met when they were still young.

Timmy was the last out of Six children. His parents originally planned to have just four children, but all That changed when his mother gave birth to a set of twins in her fourth pregnancy. Making five children.  Then miraculously, his mom got pregnant with him, even when She was on contraceptive pills. His parents concluded instantly, that he was a great child who had a mission in the world.

The first Child was a boy who was named Olawale, popularly called Ola. Ola was always gentle and easy going. His dad called him peace maker sometimes.

After Ola came a girl named Celine. She was always indoor and she loved reading books.

Then came Darey, the bully of the house, Popularly called D boy.  He was rude and ill mannered. He was the only dullard in the house. His time in secondary school was a horrific one as his parents faced the problem of treating one child after the other as a result of Darey’s acts.

Then the Adewales got a set of twins, both girls. They were named Christiana and Crystal. Crystal was calm like her eldest brother. She loved sports and always joked whenever she talked at all. Christiana on the other hand, Was wild and carefree. She cared little about others opinion and always had her way. Apart from them being identical, they were nothing alike. They were popularly called christy and CY.

Then finally came Timmy. He was a result of mistake and miracle, mixed together. But he turned out to be the best child in the family.


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