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Dragon Girl – Season 1 – Episode 5

Dragon Girl

Dragon Girl

The next morning

Judith was woken up by the rest she slept so deeply after the possession but she didn’t remember how she got back to the bed.Thry took their bath and packed their stuffs.something was talking inside her”finally I’m free”

Judiths POV

Why am I remembering the bad dream I had last night why do I feel like the dragon is in me?

They set to enter the School bus king.More interesting stories on Topster stories app

when the royal guards stopped them that it’s a decree from the

Royal advisor: I’m afraid none of you are leaving today

Mrs Greene’s:and why is that so sir royal?

King:(approaching the scene) the royal dragon escaped yesterday and I have to make sure she is not hiding in either of these students body.she is capable of doing that

Mrs Greene’s:if I can hear you correctly your majesty a dragon?but you said there was no dragon in this palace.. until now

King:it’s all for safety

MrsGreenes:so what can we do for you?

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Royal advisor:they need to undergo a test..

Judith:(her heart started beating and she didn’t know why)

Sandra:how many minute is it gonna take? I’m missing home already my fancy room and healthy lifestyle

King:at least 6 months

Mrs Greene’s:what!?are you seriously joking?

King:we must find the dragon on time before it’s too late.

Mrs Greene’s:if you don’t want the parent at the city to set your palace on fire.. and me too.. please allow them to go then you can write a partition to the president and the school principal about your ancestral search.

After few minutes of argument and pleading the king said he will send his officials to get them after their graduation which is in 4 months now.


The school bus dropped them at the school late at night and they returned to their respective homes.

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Judith got home looking tired and she went to sleep straight Mrs Brian understanding her daughter being tired decided not to wake her up and she went to sleep as well

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Judith couldn’t get a good sleep she was turning from left to right on her bed ..suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her if her intestines are tangled and her bones breaking…the pain was so horrible and ugly her hands dislocated and reshaped itself likewise her legs ,her spinal cord elongate and turn into a long tail full of sharp blades she let out a cry but nobody heard her.she is turning into a dragon the turning took up to 10 minutes since this is the first time then finally the dragon side took over and she puff out fire from her ears…she was scared and she hid herself although her curtain is burning already.She look at herself and muttered.



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