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Dragon Girl – Season 1 – Episode 3

Dragon Girl

Dragon Girl

Dorothy:has anyone seen Judith?

Mason: you mean the girl with the glass?

Dorothy: yes.

Mason: the poor one? No no one have seen her

Katherine: will you guys stop it?(adjusting her glass)Judith was sent to Mr Rob’s house for our notes

Dorothy:what!!!!what the hell

Sandra:how could you be so stupid Kate.well you’re birds of the same feathers of course you will root for her.More interesting stories on Topster stories app

Dorothy was about to leave when Judith came in with her head buried down out of embarrassment holding their notes.

Dorothy: oh my God Judith you okay?

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Sandra:what’s smelling guys?

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Helen:you better take her to the hospital to check up so as to flush any rubbish in her system

Dara:oh my God.. That’s gross..Judith is now a rape victim

Judith:(she felt abandoned) I. I’m not…he tried to..he tried to take advantage of me and..

Dennis:its okay Judith(he removed his jacket and covered Judith)

Dorothy: you’re all the same don’t you try to be nice to anyone here

Mason:that’s how they do they will never appreciate royalty

Juliet: Romeo just because you are crushing on Dorothy doesn’t mean you can be nice to Judith

Judith ran out of the classroom when the bad energy from her classmates is getting too much.Dorothy ran after her but she left the school already.

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“How was school today my dear”?Mrs Brian asked but Judith covered her face and feigned to be happy.After few hours that’s closing period Dorothy came over to console her and also inform her about their new history teacher who looks interesting and intelligent

Dorothy: tomorrow’s class is gonna be fun

Judith:why is that?

Dorothy: he said we’re gonna talk about ancient mystic creatures and most especially, Dragons!! Judith:Dragons?

Dorothy: yeah..excursion is included

Judith:I’m not going Doro..

Mrs Brian:but why?

Judith:no reason Mom.

Later that night Judith had a nightmare that she was flying and her body is covered in fire


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