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Dragon Girl – Season 1 – Episode 2

Dragon Girl

Dragon Girl

The nerdy Judith Brian who is always bullied was raised up by a single mother and so she promised to work hard and be successful in life.She attend Star falls college with the rich kids due to the scholarship she won.

Star falls college

Its past 8:00 already and Mr Robinson their geography teacher is not in class and they need their notes so they decided to send so.done to his house.Despite knowing that Mr Robinson is a pedophile and a pervert they decided to bully Judith since Dorothy is not in class

Mason is the son of one of the board of directors of star falls college,followed by Juliet,Denis,Trina,Dorothy then others when judging by wealth status.

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Mason:hey girl with weird glass get up (kicking her)

Judith:(feeling scared and loosing her balance)

Juliet:oh no the poor girl is falling catch her

Helen:she will stain me. Look at her leg look at her clothes who dress like this anymore? Mason:anyway go to Mr Robinson’s house to get our notes

Judith:b.b bbbut..(adjusting her glass)you know he us dangerous

Sara:Go now or I help you

Judith:okay okay I’m sorry I I will go.

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Judith went to Mr Rob’s house with 3 minds on getting there she rang the doorbell and he opened immediately.

Judith:hahai hi Mr Rob.

Mr Rob:how are you Judith dear

Judith:I’m fine thanks I heard you’re sick so the class send me to get our notes Mr Rob:take a sit

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Judith:no I will just take the notes and leave

Mr Rob:I said Sit

After few minutes Mr Rob cane to the sitting room with glass of water

Mr Rob:so Judith where in my subject are you having problem?

Judith: no no where sir

Mr Rob: don’t you want to pass all your subjects? I can help you

Judith:thanks so much sir how much is the lesson gonna cost?

Mr Rob:not much ..just you

Mr Robinson pounce on her and tried to take advantage of her. Her glass fell and her vision became blurry she managed to escape with torn clothes

Star falls

Dorothy: Has anyone seen Judith?



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