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Dragon Girl – Season 1 – Episode 18

Dragon Girl

Dragon Girl

Possessed by love and Dragon

The Gorgon has turned the whole of Fillory upside when the moon is hiding it’s lights and the sun start coming out,the Gorgon’s shrieked out loud and crawl roughly to it’s hiding place where there is no lights.

Few survivors and citizens of Fillory packed their belongings and marched to the palace.Prince Arien has not regained his consciousness because of the spell he lay hands on just for Kate.Prince Fredrick went to discuss the problem with the king.

King:Who could have done such!!(he said angrily)..ever since that day few years back the Gorgon sisters never came out of their hole.

Fredrick:Three sisters?

King:yes the Gorgons are three sisters…you kill one and another comes after you

Prince Fredrick:Your majesty I think our guests should return back to the city for now

King:no never….don’t you know if this leaks out to the outside world they will turn my kingdom into tourists center…you know how many animals I’m housing here

Prince Fredrick:father that’s very wrong..and thats what made you promise marriage to a monster

Nimueh:(walking out of her hiding place)is someone talking about me?..hmm…

Your majesty as they call night now the Gorgon will be back and she killed 20 in a day just imagine how much more she will kill if she’s not stopped.

King:That’s why I’m confused right now…if I should save my people or make my compromise with the monsters valid.

Nimueh:What if I stop the Gorgon?


Prince Fredrick:pardon?

Nimueh:if I stop her..I want Fredrick

Prince Fredrick:father no don’t make the second mistake

King:No more words from you….If she stops the Gorgon she will get what she want

Prince Fredrick:What if she couldn’t

Nimueh:let see about that.

Prince Fredrick left the royal hall and head to the guests pavilion.There he saw a down to earth beautiful statue.

Prince Fredrick:Where…..wait who’s this?

Sandra:Our future princess

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Prince Fredrick:what?…oh my heavens …Arien tried so much on her and it drained his energy…only for you to meet the Gorgon’s gaze?

Dorothy:Don’t you think we should return back to the city now?I mean the Dragon has been found

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Prince Fredrick:Father said you can’t go yet…also are you going to leave Katherine here like this?what will you tell her mother?…The dragon in Judith has not been Supressed so she can’t leave as well.

Dennis:So how are we going to solve the princess case now?

Prince Fredrick: I’ll have to disturb Arien….he’s trying to cultivate his chi presently but be careful don’t

rest or touch the statue once it breaks there is no reviving.

Prince Arien’s Chamber

Prince Fredrick entered the room and met him watering the cactus in his room(I mean who keeps a cactus as flower)

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Prince Fredrick:You’re up…how’s your health?

Prince Arien:A little bit okay..I will regain my energy fully once I go rest in my coven

Prince Fredrick: I’m afraid you can’t leave the palace now.

Prince Fredrick: We’re under attack…it’s a Gorgon

Prince Arien:What??

He explained everything to him

Prince Arien:The only people that can save us now are the ‘Saviors’

Prince Fredrick:The savior’s?who are the saviors?

Prince Arien:They are immortals.. accompanied with one human they are group of immortals lead by Lady Hilda a fairy in the spirit world they helped bring the world to order decades ago.(Those are the heroes from one of my stories”The mysterious Satyre”)We need to summon them

Prince Fredrick:How?

Prince Arien:I pray they get my message.

Prince Fredrick exit the room and Prince Fredrick wrote a “Jeremiad” to Dragonilla in the spirit world to relay his messages(Jeremiad is a spiritual writing that can be used to communicate with the dead or people at the other side””initially letter of complaint)

He prepared a menorah and sent the message.

Then he went to the underground cave where Judith was chained down.

Judith who is now weak and very hungry heard approaching footsteps and she stood up.Her hands were chained to the wall and her legs also but she can move just about two steps about.

Prince Arien came in with two maids carrying water,food and snacks and a bowl of water with towel.He unchained Judith and ordered the maids to leave.

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Judith sat down weakly examining her wrist that has turned red already.

Prince Arien:Wow your wrist looks pretty did you wear Bangles?

Judith:yes..the one you bought for me.

Prince Arien:You need to eat first.

Prince Arien dip the towel into the water and squeeze it,he use it in massaging her face,body and neck….things are beginning to get weird here.

Judith:why are you so nice to me?

Prince Arien:why didn’t you stop me from touching you?

Judith: Because you’re Athusar and he’s always there for me….and my question is why are you always

there for me?

Prince Arien: Dragonilla asked me to..She’s a great friend of mine.

Judith:just that?

Prince Arien:yes just that(he put down the towel and have his seat)

He watch Judith as she eats even till she fell asleep.He didn’t want to chain her up anymore because if her wrist and his heart hurt to see her like that.He left the cave but make sure to seal up the entrance with Spell

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Now everywhere is dark.The citizens hid where the king prepared for them and those that turned to stones were packed somewhere and carefully so they won’t break.Prince Fredrick put on his armour and prince Arien put on his red robe waiting at Fillory’s gate for the Gorgon.

They saw shadows approaching but not of humans….it’s Nimueh and few wild monsters.Nimueh catwalk

to them and drop something wrapped in a cloth.The content rolled over on the ground and it escaped from the cloth.Its the Gorgon’s head.

Nimueh:now Shall we get ready for marriage?

Prince did you…

Nimueh:don’t ask too much questions… though it cost the lives of some of my friends here but we did it.


Judith was sleeping when she heard hissing…well hissing of snakes.Prince Arien forgot to tell her about the Gorgon now the two sisters are back.Judith step out a bit and saw a Gorgon walking past the cave.She froze in fear and tried hard not to create attention.



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