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Dragon Girl – Season 1 – Episode 17

Dragon Girl

Dragon Girl

Prince Fredrick and prince Arien are still discussing on where to find a girl

Prince Fredrick:Two days left and I haven’t seen a girl to present.I can’t marry that monster she’s a Satyress a sex freak

Prince Arien:So are you scared of her or…that ..

Prince Fredrick:That what?

Prince Arien:forget it…i feel like crying for you anytime I imagine it…oh yeah there is a girl

Prince Fredrick:Who?

Prince Fredrick: Katherine.. she’s head over heels for you and it will be a fortune fir her if you marry her

Prince Fredrick:yeees I know but she’s not pretty father will reject her a princess must be be beautiful and elegant to show to the world.

Prince Arien:hmmm(he hold his chin proudly)leave that to me.

Royal kitchen

They stayed with the maids in the royal kitchen and Katherine pick a cucumber to eat

Katherine:I feel bad for his highness,Satyress are sex freak i read it in books…what are they doing now?arh I’m so pissed

Sandra:sorry lover girl it’s not like you are his princess.

..when Nimueh came in taking her steps wickedly and majestically she snatched the cucumber off Kate’s hand and she place her bite exactly where Katherine place hers

Nimueh:Do you know Cucumber is a sex symbol in ancient Greek!(she chuckle)

Then she close in on her

Nimueh: I’m curious as to who Fredrick chose over me…hmm(she raised her hand and her claws came out really sharp and long)is it you?(pointing it at Kate)..Orr you?you look more pretty than the rest so you must be the one (to Dorothy)

Judith:Stop right there…another step and I’ll burn you right up to ashes

Nimueh:Easy does it…baby yldo you wanna play with me? not today your royal escorts are here for you

Lots of royal guards marched into the kitchen and some at the entrance with swords and guns.

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Dash: what’s going on here?

Head of guards: Dragonilla we know you’re in there surrender to us now and let go of the innocent girl

Dorothy:What!? what’s going on here?

Judith:(sooner or later I know I will be caught but not now not in front of Dorothy….my best friend)

Judith: You’re not here to capture a monster I’ll follow you



Dorothy:Judith…it’s not true right?

Judith felt sorry for her but the only thing she could say was a sorry

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Judith: I’m sorry Dorothy

Judith was taken away and Dorothy collapsed.

Judith was taken to the underground cave where Dragonilla was chained years ago.

Four hours later Dorothy regained consciousness but her head still hurts and she’s crying.

Dennis:it’s okay… Dorothy she was possessed it wasn’t Judith that killed your father it was the dragon.stop crying already

Dorothy:I Know Dennis..I know I’m just worried about what they’re gonna do to her

Dennis:it’s okay come here(he embrace Judith)

Prince Fredrick came in with prince Arien

Juliet:Judith has been arrested

Prince Arien:I she’s the dragon

Katherine:(sniffing her nose)yesss(she cry even more) She’s the Dragon

Prince Fredrick:Uhm Katherine we kind of have a confession to make.. I know now is not the time to say this but..

Prince Arien:Not we..but you

Prince Fredrick:(he went on his knees holding a Jade ring in his hand) Katherine..will you marry me?

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Katherine didn’t hear the last dialogue and she fainted

Juliet:Seems more people will pass out today

Dash:My best vacation ever…I mean how did everything happen?

Prince Arien:please I need you all to vacate the room

Sandra:What are you trying to do with her?

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Prince change her future… Dorothy wait behind

After everyone has gone out

Dorothy undress Katherine as requested by Arien and she dressed her in a white royal gown before calling them in.Prince Arien prepared a bathe and lay Katherine inside.Nobody heard what Arien was saying but bright lights filled everywhere and within minutes Katherine figure changed,her face and her hairs became longer.She look just like goddess of beauty.Dorothy could not help but watch in surprise.Prince Arien became weak and he went to his chamber without speaking to anyone.Prince Fredrick followed him.

Arien’s Chamber

Fredrick:Arien…where did you learn that?none of us are born with magic.

Arien:I will tell you everything now.

Judith’s not the only Dragon in the palace

Frederick: Pardon?

Arien:Do you remember when we went to Switzerland to study….I was possessed as well.

Dawn(4:00 am)

Katherine opened her eyes and Dorothy didn’t even give her any rest she took her to the mirror.She ran back because of who she saw in the mirror,she checked herself again and was surprised…is it magic?or my hidden form someone should wake me up.

Nimueh barge inside and shouted that everyone should run

Nimueh:When I say run,you run

Juliet:what else do you want?

NIMUEH:Get ready for a play kitties.RUN

They didn’t answer her until someone ran inside and clised the door,he fell down and died then his body turned to stone

Nimueh: beware of the Gorgon.. I’m off

They jumped out of the room through the window.The Gorgon sighted them and release snakes from her head . Fillory is in chaos dead bodies in Stony form are everywhere.Katherine face back and met the Gorgon’s gaze ….oh no

Who’s gonna help them?



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