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Dragon Girl – Season 1 – Episode 14

Dragon Girl

Dragon Girl

Possessed by love and Dragon

Judith ran to her room leaving Juliet and Prince Arien at the scene she closed the door and put out the lights. She started painting heavily.She felt as if her whole body is on fire she rip the clothes covering the area where she was cut and to her surprise it has healed.She tried calling Dragonilla out of her but no response just a whisper that says”I’m stuck”Judith regretted her actions and she start crying.Her hairs became longer like Rapunzel and her fingernails are sharper than before.

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She didn’t know what’s walking through her body like lightening and the pain is worst than before.In her human form two big dragon wings pop out of her back making her skin to Pierce open exposing her spinal cord and a small dragon scale on her head.She was sad and disappointed in herself she pass out.

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The memories of being in Fillory came rushing at her ,now she have access to Dragonilla’s memory the secret is too much for her to handle and she woke up gasping for breathe.

The wing is still on her and she didn’t know how to turn back to her human form she cuddle beside the lamp stand

Judith: I’m I’m sorry Dragonilla….I caused this for you you’re stucked..forever.

Dragonilla:It’s okay Judith don’t blame yourself.

I want you to help Prince Arien

Judith:Prince Arien?why?

Dragonilla:He’s someone very close to us but he said I shouldn’t disclose his identity I saw him tonight and recognized him I was surprised as well… I’m sure as long as he’s here he will continue to look after you.

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He’s helping the Fillory spirits to restore the village.Hes fighting the bad animals that went berserk…A great fight is coming

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Judith:I just arrived at Fillory and I’m faced with challenges already.

Then someone came inside through the walls Judith was scared and she stood up immediately.

Prince Arien:I know that you’re 100% full blooded dragon.


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