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De9jaSpirit Originals 2

Double Life – Season 1 – Episode 9

Chapter Nine
The girls jerked up from the bed as soon as they heard the sound of the door again.
They had been thinking of a way out but got none.
“Hey this is your meal, eat” the voice said.
It was a young man maybe in his twenties, Luna thought to engage the man in a little conversation
“hello handsome, please can you tell us where we are?”
“thanks for the compliment but I can’t say anything to you” he said turning his back and about to leave
“Please dear, I will give you sex and any style you want just help us out of here” Eliana blurted out, she didn’t know what else to say or do, she prayed the guy considered her proposal.
The young man turned and looked at Elaina from head to toe, she was appealing, nice formed breasts ,big hips ,fresh skin, she must have a sweet pussy…he thought. Well that was not his problem.
“See the security here is tight and you girls are the only ones here for now, I think they intend going to bring in more girls, these chiefs do these on yearly basis, they get girls feed them and later use their body parts for money making, I am the younger brother to Chief Tony, I don’t like what they do but he is my brother after all, I don’t reside in this country just came for some things would be going back but I saw you girls and I felt for you two, I don’t know how I can help you but let me see what I can do” he said and left the room after switching off the lights.
“Oh lord help us out of here” Eliana silently prayed.

Mrs. Cole has been trying her daughter number for two days now she has not gotten through.
“what could be the problem?, I told you we should not let her go that I had a bad feeling about it but no you said I should let her, now her number is not going, what do we do?”
“don’t get paranoid I am sure she is fine, maybe its network or low battery,” Mr. Cole said
“look at you this man, you will never change, taking things for granted all the time, your only daughter phone is unreachable for two days and this is all you can say, well let me just do my own findings ,talking to you is a waste of time and energy” Mrs. Cole said angrily and walked out.
Her husband was always that way, never bothered about anything , she wonders sometimes if he really has a heart.
She called her Pastor to see if he had Luna parents number, she collected it and called Luna parents ,those were also worried,
What would she do, she decided to call Esther the singer to see if she had heard from her daughter
“Hello ,is this Esther, sis Esther”
“yes ,this is she, who is this please? “Esther asked
“this is Mrs. Cole, Eliana mother, you know Eliana?, she told me sometime ago that she was coming to your place to study, can you remember? “
“I am sorry ma, but Elaina and I have never studied together, maybe its not me she meant to say, I am sorry ma but I have to go now, I have a class ,”
“please hold on please I am trying to reach her, do you know her whereabouts?”
“I am sorry ma, I don’t know anything about Elaina, good bye ma”
“what rubbish, so this girl has been lying to me, my life!” Mrs. Cole cried out
She decided to call the youth minister in the church and he also said the same thing that he doesn’t know about Elaina whereabouts.
So this girl has been deceiving me all these while, she has been deceiving us her parents, I am finished “Mrs. Cole started to cry.
“oh God protect my daughter deliver my daughter please God I know have failed as a mother but please Lord give me one more chance bring my daughter home safely” Mrs. Cole knelt down pouring her heart to God.
She stood up and went to tell her husband her findings.
“Our daughter has been deceiving us ,no one knows her whereabouts, Luna parents said Luna has not been home for a while now and they checked for her in school and she was not in school either, they have not found her , her roommates spoke about her going out with one chief to Dubai but didn’t give details of it” Mrs. Cole narrated to her husband
“imagine that, so she probably traveled with her so called friend, these men are ritualist I hear about them ,they deceive girls and take them for money rituals, I just hope our daughter is not involved with them, we have to pray for her safety, I can’t even involve the police cos we don’t have any evidence or even sure of our findings, what we do now? “ Mr. Cole said pacing up and down the room.
What were they going to do?
All they could do was to pray for their daughter safety.

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