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De9jaSpirit Originals 2

Double Life – Season 1 – Episode 8

Chapter Eight
Luna POV
I woke up to darkness.
Where am I? I asked myself
“Hello, is anyone here” I screamed.
I looked around I saw Eliana sleeping at the other end of the room.
I tried to get up, I discovered I was tied to the bed.
“what kind of a joke is this?, this place doesn’t look like Dubai, “
I tried to remember how I got here, we ate and drank at the fancy restaurant, we got into the car and zoomed off to the airport.
I remember I was feeling sleepy in the car and decided to sleep a little, the Ac of the car was on and I had eaten enough food, so sleep was inevitable but then that was all I could remember.
Were we drugged and brought to an unknown place? No it can’t be. Chief can’t do that to us .something must have happened maybe an accident or so.
But why am I tied like I was going to be used for sacrifice?
Oh lord, let it not be what I am thinking I began to get scared.
The room was dark but I could see Eliana she was still sleeping.
“Eliana, Eliana,” I called her but she was not responding.
“God please save us please” I began to sob.
I tried to see if I could untie myself but I couldn’t.
Eliana wake up ,wake up” I screamed the more.
Suddenly the door burst open, the figure switched on the lights and the person I saw shocked me.

Writers’ POV
As soon as the door opened Eliana woke up ,she looked at Luna who in turn looked at her, wondering what actually got them here.
“you? “Luna shouted.
“why Chief why?” Luna continued to scream.
“You two are awake, that’s good, by now you should know what this is all about?” Chief Badmus said strolling into the room and ignoring Luna rantings .
“I don’t know what it is all about please Chief get us out of here, this is not Dubai you promised me” Eliana said almost in tears.
“my dear, telling you that you were going to Dubai was the only way to get you girls here, well you will soon get to know what we need you girls for , for now someone will bring food to you girls, so relax and eat” Chief Badmus said as he turned to leave.
“please Chief please don’t do this to us” Luna begged
“its already done baby” Chief Badmus said as he banged the door behind him.
“We are finished, I should have listened to my mum ,my God what have I gotten my self into? ,Luna what have you gotten me into” Eliana said wailing
“Don’t come and start blaming me here, let’s look for a way of escape ,blame game won’t work now, so please let’s think “ Luna said
“how can I think when my hands and legs are tied to the bed, how can I think when I can’t move my body, what escape are you even talking about, can’t you see there is no window in this room and Chief just switched off the light, we are in the dark” Eliana retorted .
“There must be a way out, we must find it, as for me I am not ready to die here so I must figure something out, so you better stop this your childishness and join me in thinking of a way out” Luna said

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